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Pega Disputes for Retail Banking

Pega Disputes for Retail Banking can simplify dispute and payment exception processes to increase compliance, reduce risk, and deliver a customer-centric experience.


[Narrator] Pega helps banks streamline operations and improve delivery speed during a critical moment of truth for your customer. Pega lets you engage better, with support across channels for customer disputes and fraud claims, Pega captures all the relevant information at the first point of contact by intelligently guiding branch and contact center agents in traditional channels. Pega also delivers dynamic processes that allow customers to interact through web and mobile self-service channels. Pega lets you simplify your employee experience. Our case management connects all the people and systems across all channels so you can keep your brand promise. Pega pushes and pulls work from group or individual queues with clearly visible prioritization and SLAs, and parent/child case structures, handle even the most complex fraud claims, executing bulk work at the claim level and individual actions at the transaction level, both automatically and manually.

All process steps and case details, including an automatic audit trail of all actions are instantly available. The system also retains transaction and chargeback details in case of re-present them. Pega lets you change as your business evolves with biannual compliance updates for Visa, MasterCard, and American Express branded credit and debit cards, Pega eliminates manual processes, workarounds, and sticky note reminders. Our Reason Code Advisor and Ancillary Question Support stay in sync with network updates and provide step-by-step guidance. Pega helps you comply with government regulations like US Regulation E with manual and automatic correspondence, as well as extensive dashboards and reporting that allow you to go from top level reports down to individual work items. Pega also empowers you to run on the cloud, on premise, or a mixture of the two. Engage, Simplify, Change. That's how Pega delivers a satisfying, efficient, and compliant customer experience. Our world is constantly changing. Only Pega lets you build for change.


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