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AI-Powered Sales Automation

Historically, sales force automation systems have been too focused on monitoring reps, manual data entry, and ad hoc regional or product team needs. There’s a new way: one anchored in artificial intelligence and digital process automation technology. Explore AI-powered sales automation from Pega.


Pega's AI-powered sales automation empowers reps, agents, and managers to excel.

Terry Mason, our sales rep, starts his day with futurecast, which uses artificial intelligence to predict a sales representative's ability to meet quota. Pega's next best offer recommendations use artificial intelligence to analyze his pipeline while generating guidance and improving his ability to have relevant conversations with his prospects and customers. Checking on an opportunity, Terry sees insights related to how it's progressing, the likelihood he will win, and if his proposed closed dates are correct. AI recognizes new information Terry enters and provides him with clear visibility into the predictors that underlie the suggestions. Using the suggested actions, Terry is more likely to win and win sooner.

Terry's guided sales process clearly shows the steps he should follow, and it adapts dynamically to new input. For example, Terry updates the opportunity with competitor information and now the next best action suggests he review the appropriate battle card. Terry also sees suggested knowledge articles and content based on the context of the opportunity. He can share with his prospect, another team member, or save it as a favorite article for quick access in the future.

Pega's unified CRM delivers seamless capabilities across sales, service, and marketing. Terry sees engagement activity for his accounts. For example, he's made aware of any service requests that might impact his opportunities, as well as marketing campaigns that the client or prospect has been sent.

Sarah Kendall, our sales manager, has her own dashboards and intelligent assistance. Sales coach tracks and predicts the success of sales reps on her team. The data is continually updated and provides personalized coaching actions for Sarah to keep reps on track. Workforce intelligence provides powerful insights about her team's application usage, idle time, and non-work-related activities. Sarah is able to see patterns of her high performers versus those that require coaching, allowing her to develop a more efficient sales force.

Pega sales automation helps you sell smarter, bust quotas, and simplify sales management with built-in AI, guided sales, and productivity tools. Learn more and try it for free today.


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