Don’t just work simpler. Work smarter.

Imagine making telco operations streamlined, agile, and focused on the outcomes you and your customers need. With digital process automation, it’s possible.

“We were able to work with business and IT, look at a process, optimize it, and basically automate 100% of [it].”

Chat Villarosa Director of Digitization COE

Digitize anything. Streamline everything.

The pressure is on. To stay competitive in today’s market, you’ll need to increase network capacity, efficiently deploy 5G, streamline order fulfillment, and deliver the flawless experience today’s customers demand.

Getting all of this done demands digital innovation – fast. But you can’t innovate for tomorrow with yesterday’s legacy systems. You’ll need to invest in technology that that modernizes your legacy investments - bridging the gap between business operations and enhanced customer experiences. That’s where digital process automation (DPA) comes into play.

With DPA, you can use powerful tech – like robotics, end-to-end automation, and artificial intelligence – to streamline and digitize complex operations, all while keeping margins high and bringing real value to customers, in real time.

The Future of Customer Engagement white paper
Innovate from end to end

Learn how leading communications service providers are streamlining processes and getting results.

Unleash the network

5G deployment is complex. Maximizing your investments shouldn't be. Simplify and automate network processes – and protect your bottom line.

Want to lead the 5G revolution? Think bigger.

By 2025, 49 percent of U.S. mobile connections will be on 5G, according to GSMA. You’ll need 5–10x more cell tower capacity, and that’s just for starters. Are you ready?

Traditional routes to network deployment and maintenance rely on tactical, quick fixes, but those can only take you so far. With digital process automation, you can automate work, ensure on-time delivery, keep costs low, and enable end to end visibility.

That means accelerating fiber and 5G coverage to build better, faster, and at a lower cost. And it means automating network maintenance so outages and events can be identified and solved fast, without draining your resources. That’s how you build a network your customers can rely on.

Accelerate productivity with low code

Building enterprise apps shouldn’t take an army (or a lifetime). Pega’s low-code development platform empowers you to design the apps you need and make dynamic changes with speed and agility, all while enhancing collaboration between business users and IT.

Keeping dev costs down means more time to focus on keeping productivity up – a true win for ops efficiency. And because you can adapt more quickly to changing needs, it’s a win for your customers, too.

No wonder industry leaders who take a low-code approach are seeing increased time to market, better delivery efficiency, and higher Net Promoter Scores too.

Vodafone UK turns to “citizen developers”

Could an agile approach to development be the secret to improving the customer experience?

Orange: revolutionizing B2B order management

With Pega’s dynamic case management, Orange improved customer communication by 30 percent and decreased fallout tasks by 50 percent.

Excel in order management and win the race to market

Siloed systems and processes lead to inefficiencies, higher cost to serve, and failure to meet delivery expectations. When customer demands are rising but new business is flat, you can’t afford to miss a delivery deadline because manual processes or old systems hold you back.

Digital process automation allows you to orchestrate and automate orders – even the most complex ones – by connecting front office, back office, partners, and customers across all channels. This optimizes your operations chain, ensures order validity, and lowers the risk of lost business. “Wrap and renew” your outdated systems with an open, extensible layer that improves business outcomes. The result? Reduced fulfillment effort and shortened order cycle times.

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