Case Study

Agriculture equipment co. increases productivity through machine health

  • Reduced maintenance costs of equipment in the field

  • Improved yield, productivity, and customer satisfaction

  • Reduced unplanned machine downtime

The Business Issue

Transitioning from an equipment, parts, and service provider, to a solutions provider required this agriculture and construction equipment company to provide value and insight to customers operating their equipment all over the world. The company sought to check machine health using machine telematics. Legacy software and rules engines were incapable of supporting the machine network’s millions of daily transactions. In addition, they needed a solution that enabled speed in integration, provided automation for productivity, maintained audit readiness across cases, and adapted across a diverse customer base.

The Solution

The company partnered with Pega for an initial three-month proof of concept (POC) to quickly validate assumptions. This partnership, coupled with the flexibility and ease of the Pega Platform™, was integral in the decision to choose Pega for digital process automation of the new machine health capability. In addition, the team saw the value of making changes quickly and adding rich features and functionality using out-of-the-box Pega technology.

The Results

The machine telemetry solution draws from the collective intelligence of thousands of connected machines. With the Pega Platform, machine health data is easy to read and understand, so a centralized team can take the appropriate action at the appropriate time to ensure machines are running at peak performance and unexpected downtime is avoided. Business users can make rule changes as necessary and IT can add new integration points in hours, not weeks. Finally, customer success and satisfaction increase by reducing maintenance costs of equipment in the field and improving yield and productivity.

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  • Industry Group: Industrie
  • Groupe de produits: Plateforme
  • Défi: Agilité métier
  • Défi: Service client
  • Défi: Excellence opérationnelle
  • Défi: Automatisation des processus numériques