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Rabobank Redefines Lending for the Digital Era

“We want to help people prepare for the future. So more digital, straight-through processes and better customer experience. That’s where Pega comes in and Pega stands out.”

Erik Passchier | Domain Manager Lending & Insurance, COO – IT Systems

The Business Issue

Rabobank serves 9 million clients globally and owns more than 40% of the corporate lending market in the Netherlands. To stay competitive in a digital-centric world – and remain true to its mission of putting customers first – the bank needed to streamline its slow, paperwork-heavy commercial loan and lease processes.

The Solution

Rabobank used the low-code Pega Platform to digitize commercial lending and leasing, automating administrative tasks for increased speed, flexibility, and efficiency.

The Results

  • Reduced the loan approval process from several weeks to 24 hours, and lease approval to just 60 seconds
  • Streamlined loan application requirements from 10 documents to three
  • Achieved cost savings of $80 million a year


- [Erik] Rabo is a very big bank. We are over 40,000 people in more than 40 countries.

Rabobank has 40% market share in the small medium enterprise lending domain.

One of the key things about commercial lending is that it is a quite complex process. It can wander off in all kinds of directions.

Banks traditionally think that customers want to have 100 options. They don't. The digital processes are a huge success for us, but they're also a necessity. It's just a requirement nowadays to be fast, flexible, and efficient. So that we can talk about the dreams of our customers instead of paperwork.

One of the key things we want to achieve is speed for our customers, and to give them a reassurance, the sooner the better, and that's where Pega comes in, because Pega is at the heart of automating.

If you look in the lending process, what we have done, we have reduced the complexity of our process. We have reduced the number of products we use. We have reduced the number of security items we distinguish. And as a result, we have reduced the time for a customer before it gets an answer from several weeks to 24 hours. We automate the administrative tasks out of the process, and as a result the number of documents that we now ask from a customer have reduced significantly from over ten to now three.

- [Mirjam] We rationalized our products to be able to digitize our process. We changed the number of products from 39 to 9.

From a customer perspective, it's a very streamlined progress as a result of the Pega implementation. Under the surface, there's a lot happening, but customers don't see it. They only see the streamline process. We're now able to give approval for lease in 60 seconds, and that's amazing.

We selected Pega, because we see that with Pega, we can make a lot of changes with a shorter time to market than with traditional coding, because Pega is a low code platform.

The original Pega implementation business case was calculated at 60 million, and we now have calculated recently, again, it's now 80 million of savings on a yearly basis.

We want to help people prepare for the future, so more digital straight through processes, better customer experience. That's where Pega comes in and Pega stands out.

Our world is constantly changing. Only Pega lets you build for change.


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