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Emerging Trends: Robotic Automation

Robotic Automation

Robotic Automation

Robotic automation gets work done

The speed of robotics. The power to transform.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is not going to transform your business by itself. Up to half of initial RPA projects fail. Combine robotics with powerful end-to-end automation and you can jump on the RPA bandwagon without becoming a statistic.

"We doubled our balance sheet without employing more people."

Automation is a journey

To stay in the race, you have to start fast. Robotic process automation (RPA) is non-invasive and lightning fast. You see value and make an immediate impact. Want to leap ahead of your competition? Start by giving your employees robots that help them throughout the day.

But what happens after you jumpstart? You need to be ready to deal with unexpected changes in the environment, new applications, process re-engineering, and collaboration. Pega’s case management was designed to deal with structured and ad-hoc work, orchestrating work between humans, robots, systems, and applications.

How do you cross the finish line fast? Intelligence. Not just “cognitive robots” – but a flexible decision hub that can apply real-time AI at every interaction:

  • Actionable intelligence that automatically finds processes to optimize
  • Adaptive intelligence that learns on the fly
  • Predictive intelligence that eliminates problems before they occur

White paper

Why it's time to embrace digital process automation

Successful automation means looking beyond tasks and automating from end to end

AI and robotic automation facilitate digital transformation

Business people need tools that define how work gets done, creating a view of the data before haggling over the details.

Transformational results

321% ROI in less than 12 months. 75% cost savings. 75% productivity improvements. These are transformational outcomes. Getting there takes more than just a few robots. You need one unified automation engine.

Use business process management to orchestrate people and systems. Deploy RPA to take repetitive work out of your operation. Use case management to manage it all from end to end.

You define service level agreements, route work, and apply rules and advanced intelligence. You can jumpstart with RPA, sure – but you’ll be able to fly past the 20% improvement companies see from robotics alone.

Why? Because Pega’s capabilities are unified on one platform. No duct tape. No wiring a bunch of things together. You think about outcomes from end to end. Your technology should be able to get that end to end work done.

Pega Robotic Automation and Intelligence

Give your employees a robot

Imagine if you could give back five minutes of every employee’s day. You can if you free them from wrangling across systems and process siloes for information. How? Software robots that automate the desktop tasks that frustrate your people and slow them down. We call these “productivity bots.”

Productivity bots collaborate with your employees to bridge systems and process siloes. They do work like tabbing, searching, and copying and pasting – so your people can focus on your customers.

Leveraging productivity bots that simplify the employee experience injects instant ROI into your business. In just two to three weeks you'll turn all your service agents, back-office workers, or front-line sellers into productivity ninjas. They’ll be happier. You’ll be happier. And your customers will be happier.

Robotic automation & intelligence

Automate manual tasks that impede productivity.


White paper

Take a strategic approach to automation

From RPA to DPA, learn how organizations are using automation to empower broader digital transformation

Find improvement opportunities

It’s 3 p.m. Do you know how your employees are doing? What are they struggling with? What best practices have they discovered? How do you help them be more effective?

You might have KPIs, but do you know what contributes to those KPIs? What systems are effective? What workarounds your employees are taking? New apps get deployed, processes change, regulatory environments shift – it’s the never-ending cycle of change. You need continuous insights to measure the impact of these changes.

Pega Workforce Intelligence captures insights at the desktop. It gets you the details of how work gets done. It uses real-time AI to tell you what systems and processes are getting in the way of employee productivity.

Because once you know the details, you can act. And that makes all the difference.

Pega Workforce Intelligence for CRM

The last mile of integration

Mainframes without APIs? CRM and other mission critical apps? You can’t automate if you can’t connect to the systems that matter. Pega gives you the tools you need to bridge the last mile of integration. It’s everything you need to wrap and renew your enterprise applications.

  • Out-of-the box connectors to systems like Salesforce, SAP, EPIC, and Box
  • Open APIs that quickly connect to your existing services
  • Robotic automation to connect through the desktop to those systems that aren’t exactly “open”

When you can connect to anything, you can automate everything. From end to end.

Digital prescriptive maintenance

White Paper

It's time to rethink robotic automation

Deliver customer outcomes faster and more efficiently.

Radial: Workforce intelligence

Business people need tools that define how work gets done, creating a view of the data before haggling over the details.

Ensure governance and oversight

As organizations continue to collect software robots, the speed of application updates accelerates, and the application of artificial intelligence broadens. Sooner or later, you’ll get caught up in a management nightmare if you have not considered how to provide consistent oversight and governance over bots, cognitive or not.

Pega’s enterprise process transformation platform helps orchestrate complex processes, and the Pega Customer Decision Hub supports deterministic rules in addition to advanced adaptive analytics. Rest assured regulatory compliance is maintained across the enterprise.

Capabilities such as auto self-documentation ensure an audit trail is maintained of all activities so compliance risk is minimized and required reporting is streamlined and automated.

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Customer Case Studies

See how customers are using Pega Robotic Automation to transform their enterprises.


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agent productivity improvement

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Explore Pega products that enable enterprise process transformation

Robotic Automation and Intelligence

Software robots that get results. Now.

Case Management

Orchestrate work from start to finish.

Pega Customer Decision Hub

Real AI. Real results. In real time.

Data and Integrations

Enrich with open architecture. Integrate without limits.

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