PegaWorld 2017: Tech Pavilion

PEGAWORLD 2017 | JUNE 4 – 7

PegaWorld 2017

PegaWorld 2017 Tech Pavilion

The Tech Pavilion is an interactive experience for you to get hands-on with technology and empower your future. Immerse yourself in the technology with over 100 live product demos and see the real power of Pega.

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Featured Demos

Customer Decision Hub
The Pega Customer Decision Hub can help provide superior customer experiences by powering your customer engagement with trusted and pragmatic AI and Decision Management – leading to great outcomes such as improving customer retention, up-sell & cross-sell rates, intelligently guiding sales and other customer advocates, automatically averting costly errors, and reducing cost to service and risk. Business users have control of the decision strategies and complete transparency into the AI/machine learning capabilities. See how the Hub leverages big data and real-time event processing to monitor customer behavior patterns – and then uses its advanced analytics and decision management to trigger next-best-actions.

Pega’s Customer Decision Hub is fully unified with the Pega CRM Suite, including Marketing, Sales, and Service applications and the Pega Platform – and designed to be configured by business users so they have an “always on” brain that can work seamlessly with any customer engagement channel to ensure you take the right action at the right time to optimize the customer experience.

Pega Customer Service
Pega Customer Service is a true omni-channel customer engagement solution that anticipates customer needs, manages complexity, and quickly connects customers to the best equipped resources (live or assisted) for an optimal customer experience.

Stop by and see how Pega Customer Service delivers value across the entire end-to-end customer journey through self-service, AI-assisted and assisted service channels.

Pega Field Service
Pega Field Service re-envisions field service operations from customer to field worker. This single application unifies an industry-leading customer service dashboard with innovative scheduling capabilities and a rich mobile offering – all atop the Pega platform that’s designed for ease of customization. Stop by and see how Pega Field Service can help your organization succeed – from effective troubleshooting and efficient scheduling to managing work in the field.

Pega Marketing
Pega Marketing will demonstrate how to build dynamic new experiences your customers. We'll demonstrate how our clients are keeping customers informed, engaged, and always ready for the right offer - then moving the needle by delivering that offer exactly when the time is right. You'll learn how customer-centric capabilities such as real-time interaction, dynamic journeys, location-based marketing, and inbound/outbound integration are changing the equation, helping brands stay top of mind while acquiring, retaining, and growing more great customers.

Pega Sales Automation
Pega Sales Automation intelligently guides sales professionals and optimizes the sales process. Stop by and see how Pega Sales Automation drives intelligence in the selling process, improves average revenue per rep by optimizing sales engagement, and improves lead to cash cycle times. We'll be demoing Guided Selling, CRM Unification, Mobile, Outlook integration, and Workforce Intelligence and Robotics to drive sales efficiencies and effectiveness.

Administration & Operations
Learn how the Pega 7 Platform is making it easier than ever to deploy and operate large scale, multi-node, high performance elastic systems. Our cluster-wide administration and diagnostic tools simplify operations while flexible new deployment options improve the performance, scalability, and elasticity of the platform.

Data Choice: Not Only SQL
Learn how Pega 7 provides the flexibility to manage data across traditional RDBMS databases and NoSQL repositories while providing state-of-the-art integration that bridges the streams.

Learn how you can use the latest Designer Studio features and DevOps techniques to rapidly develop, test, and deploy your applications. Build software faster than ever using our intuitive, model-driven development capabilities. Then move that software rapidly and repeatedly to your customers. From writing rules and their accompanying unit tests to hooking into a Continuous Delivery pipeline, our development capabilities and DevOps techniques will help you accelerate your Pega projects like never before.

Data Management, APIs, and Integration
Learn how Pega can simplify all aspects of data management, from modeling and integration to testing and error handling, while delivering a uniquely powerful experience that will transform the way you think about data.

Connect your Pega apps to cutting edge APIs or legacy systems and data stores using open standards-based protocols. Connect external apps to Pega using the open Pega API, or build services tailored to your needs. Explore our open ecosystem of components on the Pega Exchange to accelerate your time-to-value.

Case Management
Drive your business outcomes using Pega’s leading Case Management capabilities. Building case management applications with Case Designer, Pega Social, Survey, and more has never been easier.

User Interface
A world-class user experience is no longer just a nice-to-have, but an essential facet of any successful enterprise digital strategy. In today’s digital universe, customer adoption and retention is very closely tied to the user experience. The flexible and powerful UX features in the Pega 7 platform enable you to rapidly build and deliver a unified experience across channels and devices. Demos built using the UI capabilities of the Pega 7 platform will show you a new world of UX possibilities.

Reporting & Dashboards
Data-driven decision making is critical to every level of the enterprise. Visualization plays a key role in distilling what is important so that you can make better informed decisions. Creating and maintaining meaningful and engaging charts and reports remains a major challenge while trying to keep up with a rapidly evolving business. Come see a sneak preview of Pega's innovation in data visualization and find out how your business data can be engaging and actionable through stunning visualizations which move with the speed of your business.

Real-Time Agile
Pega 7 has out-of-the-box functionality that will accelerate your project delivery, improve your application quality and demonstrate long-term value for your business stakeholders. Enhanced capabilities in Pega 7 include:

  • Agile Studio: Enhancement project management application to track and manage your Pega projects
  • Real-Time Agile: Capture the gaps of your application live with built-in video recording, screen annotations directly in the project management system of your choosing.

Building mobile apps has never been easier or faster. See how new Pega Mobility features enable creating apps to maximize user efficiency, employing personalization and the latest in mobile technology.

Virtual Assistants
Curious about Virtual Assistants and Chatbots? Specifically, what they are, how they work, and how these new conversational user interfaces are changing the way enterprises are interacting with customers to deliver personalized, continuous experiences? Stop by the Virtual Assistant booth at the Tech Pavilion to speak with Pega product experts to learn more about Pega’s AI powered Virtual Assistants/Chatbots that work across channels and do more than, well, just “chat.” Watch Pega’s Virtual Assistant help customers dispute credit charges, track down lost packages, make credit card payments, and much more. Additionally, learn just how easy it is to set up these assistants through the Pega 7 platform.

Robotic Automation
Use Pega Robotic Automation to create robots which automate repetitive tasks within your contact center or back-office environment. Robotic Automation integrates with your application's user interfaces to run automations that improve productivity and efficiency in your enterprise. Robots can fully automate business processes and assist humans with their work. Stop by for a demonstration and see how you can jumpstart your digital transformation efforts with the right robotic mix.

Workforce Intelligence
Pega Workforce Intelligence captures the actionable insights that unlock the full potential of your organization’s people, processes and technology. With these insights into your employees’ desktop activities, you can understand how and when work is done and identify opportunities to optimize production work and overall efficiency. Stop by to learn more about how your organization can use Workforce Intelligence to identify hidden opportunities, increase workforce productivity and boost the bottom line.

Pega Cloud is a fully managed cloud based offering optimized for the Pega Platform and Pega’s portfolio of CRM and industry applications. Pega Cloud delivers global and regional support models with 24x7 operations, security and monitoring that meets the needs of the world’s most successful enterprises.

UX Design
Pega’s Product Design Team is responsible for the design, usability, and experience of Pega's best-in-class application, and the authoring experience of the Pega platform itself. Last year they debuted the Pega Design System, a complete atomic design system which allows companies to maintain UX superiority in their COE layer and throughout their enterprise, which dovetails nicely with agile software development. Engage with some of the world's best product designers and understand how outstanding UX is easily within reach.

Product Playground
Come to the Product Playground and watch Pega experts show you the latest Pega products. While you're there, why not try out some of the technology for yourself at our innovation stations?

University Academic Program
Pega's University Academic Program (UAP) offers a university-level course of study through participating universities by Pega-certified professors and a professional certification for students pursuing degrees in Computer Science, Business IT, CIS, or Digital Marketing. After completing the required courses, students can qualify for internships or seek employment with leading Global 3000 firms who transform their businesses with Pega technology. Please visit our booth if you're interested in encouraging universities that you currently recruit from to adopt this program.

Pega Consulting
Come to the Pega Consulting booth to learn how we deliver rapid results. Leveraging our best practices and agile implementation methodology, your organization will see accelerated time-to-value. Pega Consulting can support you through our complete portfolio of specialized, advisory, and delivery services. We enable business transformation by assessing, recommending, delivering, and optimizing all aspects of your Pega projects and programs.

Pega Digital Support
Visit the Pega Digital Support booth to discover the vast ecosystem of digital content and collaborative community experiences that will forever change your Pega development experience. Hosted by Pega Global Customer Support (GCS) professionals, you’ll see how you can readily access over 20,000 support articles that provide information on real-world issues and resolutions, view a wide array of in-depth Support Guide Videos, and participate in Pega’s Product Support Community to interact with our world-wide network of customers, partners, and employees. Come and see what Pega has to offer to enhance your development support needs and leave prepared to use Pega Digital Support!

Pega Academy
Pega Academy courses are designed and developed by Pega certified experts. Each course provides design and implementation best practices covering Pega application development as well as specialized topics. Pega Academy's training options provide you the flexibility to learn at your own pace, in the format that not only works best for you but also best fits into your schedule.

Pega Sales Automation and CPQ for Communications
Pega’s integrated Sales Automation, CPQ, marketing, and order management solution provides complete lead to cash functionality including AI capability to suggest best offers, guided user experience, and dynamic pricing. The solution is supported by Product Catalog to define products, bundles and offers, configuration options, and pricing making it suitable for both simple and complex products.

Pega Customer Service for Communications
Pega Customer Service for Communications maximizes self-service and guides users through every service interaction, automatically adapting service delivery to the channel or device. Deliver consistent and continuous customer interactions that improve customer experience, reduce costs, and build business agility.

Pega Marketing for Communications
Pega Marketing for Communications has transformed acquisition, retention, and sales at many of the world's largest telecommunications companies. It uses AI, big data, and individual customer data to: determine the right offers and communications at all points in the customer lifecycle; build personalized offers and bundles; manage personalized conversations across inbound, outbound, digital, and paid channels; and provides a robust and guided user experience through interactive channels.

Unified Customer Relationship Management
Experience the future of digitally connected consumer banking in the lounge area of the Financial Services village. Come see how Pega CRM for Financial Services uses AI to drive digital interactions across the customer’s channels of choice, including mobile, social, and virtual chatbots. See how intelligent guidance and actionable insight helps mobile-enabled bankers drive customer conversations, deepen relationships, and promote sales. Understand how unified CRM seamlessly blends Marketing, Sales, and Service into a consistent and optimal experience focused on the outcomes the customer wants.

Pega Marketing for Financial Services delivers real-time, consistent, next-best-actions to a segment of one across all delivery channels. See how to analyze, simulate, test, and update strategies that increase lifetime value throughout all phases of the customer journey – from needs-based selling or nurturing for brand new customers to event-based recommendations or analytic driven cross-selling for long time customers. With Pega’s built-in AI, marketers can proactively interact with customers while the moment is hot – when the customer is actively listening – to build both trust and wallet share.

Sales Automation
Transform your sales experience with Pega Sales Automation for Financial Services. Focus on growing revenue through improving banking relationships not selling widgets. Increase sales efficiency and coaching effectiveness with contextual, actionable next best offers and actions powered by AI. Use our omni-channel Needs Analyzer™ and Bankers Tablet™ to provide insightful product and service recommendations to customers and satisfy regulators with full audit trails. Personalize and standardize the experience through a consistent guided-selling process specialized by segment, product, or geography.

Customer Service
Discover how Pega Customer Service for Financial Services drives personalized customer experiences, improves agent and advisor productivity, and easily changes as your business evolves. Learn how AI revolutionizes customer engagement by anticipating customer needs. See how to deliver seamless, consistent conversations with customers across any channel, including phone, self-service web/mobile, social, live chat, and virtual chatbots. See how intelligent guidance and automation simplifies the employee experience so that contact center service reps and financial advisors deliver efficient and proactive customer service.

Smart Dispute
Improve your first contact resolution across all channels for consumer disputes and fraud claims with Smart Dispute for Issuers. New shopping cart data from our partners including Visa, Ethoca, and Verifi reduces time to resolution and even prevents disputes. Be ready to comply with Visa’s VCR dispute process with Smart Dispute’s built-in flows, real-time send and response messages, queues, and user interface.

Unified Client Lifecycle Management: Onboarding & KYC
Reduce global onboarding and customer due diligence (CDD) time by as much as 70% while ensuring customer centricity using Pega’s Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Know Your Customer (KYC) applications. Pega CLM allows complex financial institutions to globally orchestrate front to back-office functions, from onboarding through to compliance, credit, legal, operations, fulfillment, and off-boarding, ensuring transparency and efficiency. Pega KYC provides the ability to manage complex global regulatory requirements by only applying “what’s required, when required” with pre-configured and customizable major global regulatory requirements including AML, FATCA/CRS, Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, and EMIR rules that are kept up to date by industry leading experts. Ensure compliance while improving time to revenue for new and existing customers with Pega CLM and Pega KYC.

Credit Risk Management
Discover how banks and other financial institutions can use machine learning and make a quantum improvement in credit risk management quickly and cost-efficiently. Pega’s Credit Decision Hub is a unique credit risk offering that combines flexible risk processes with risk analytics, learning, and decisioning in one single platform. This is unlike anything else on the market. We show how to "continuously improve customer experience and remain within risk appetite". Our vision is to provide Fintech capabilities into the hands of regulated institutions.

Extend your service excellence experience into your collections environment to deliver improved cash collected in a customer-focused, self-service enabled, and compliant environment. Discover how innovative and intuitive business tools deliver continuous improvement to your collections strategies.

Consumer Journey for Healthcare Payers
Transform each and every customer experience with Pega's unified healthcare CRM applications spanning the entire customer journey. Focus on each customer's personal needs and guide them to the best outcomes across coverage, service, administrative and clinical activities. See what it means to be customer-centric; how it makes doing the right thing easy to do. Featuring: Customer Service for Healthcare, Sales Automation for Healthcare, Care Management for Healthcare, Pega Marketing, Customer Decision Hub and AI.

Pega Care Management: Creating Care Insights
Pega Care Management is a unified platform that delivers insight and automation to ensure consistent care management practices focused on the member's or patient's best opportunities for optimizing health. See how Pega Care Management incorporates clinical data, Customer Service for Healthcare information and automates care management workflow to improve health outcomes and organization performance.

Consumer Journey for Healthcare Providers
Pega Customer Service for Healthcare, integrated with Pega Care Management, delivers unparalleled customer engagement for patients and providers. Come see our ability to help you sense "moments of customer need" in support of patient activation, gap in care avoidance, and industry-leading customer experience for patients and physicians. See patient-centric care and service leveraging industry-best real-time decisioning to help you achieve an institutional memory of your patients and proactively deliver upon your promises for stellar patient care.

Pega Smart Claims Engine & Product Composer System: Transforming Product Development and Claims Administration
Visit the Pega Claims Solutions and learn how to transform your legacy platforms and explore the new Claims UX experience your organization needs. Used alone or in conjunction with existing claims systems, Pega Claims Solutions enables customers to deliver business value, automation, and new levels of customer and examiner satisfaction. Pega's Product Composer System (PCS) allows clients to quickly bring competitive products to market, support operations, and make the delivery of those products more efficient. Experience how together, Product Composer System and the Smart Claims Engine can transform your capabilities for back-office claims administration and product development and delivery.

Customer Engagement for Life Sciences
The pharmaceutical and medical device industries are rapidly transforming to become more patient-centric. Learn how Pega enables this by orchestrating customer journeys across channel and departmental silos with a unique AI-based digital brain. Pega delivers seamless, contextual, and consolidated services including marketing, patient assistance, adherence, medical information, and more. Visit us for a revolutionary approach to patient and provider engagement in life sciences.

Adverse event reporting sources and volumes are rapidly expanding beyond the abilities of today's technology forcing many Life Sciences companies to do more with less in Pharmacovigilance. Learn how Pega's next-generation drug and device safety application reduces both cost and risk. Automated and intelligent adverse event intake, review, and regulatory reporting will address your current challenges and will help you future-proof your pharmacovigilance and device safety operations.

Clinical Trials Case Management
As competitive pressures grow, new therapies are becoming more focused and personalized. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies must scale their R&D abilities to broaden and accelerate new product pipelines. See how Pega empowers business and IT in R&D making the planning, management, and execution of research and clinical trials more efficient by automating processes ranging from lab automation to clinical trial site initiation and risk-based monitoring using Pega’s Life Sciences Industry Foundation.

Commercial Lines Underwriting
Pega Commercial Lines Underwriting helps carriers improve underwriter effectiveness by leveraging analytics to optimize risk selection and automating processes ensuring compliance with guidelines. Join us for a demo and see how you can maximize profitable growth by using knowledge sharing to help every underwriter execute flawlessly.

Group Benefits Underwriting
With Pega's Group Benefits Underwriting application, you can scale efficiently to optimize risk selection, pricing and portfolio management and ensure underwriting disciplines across operations. See how Pega’s combination of intelligent processes and dynamic rules enable group carriers to automate underwriting tasks and manage, underwrite, and price risks with greater accuracy to help make every underwriter execute flawlessly.

Distribution Management Sales / Marketing
Sales Automation for Insurance improves exclusive and independent agent/broker effectiveness while improving insurers’ channel control and insight. Pega’s Sales Automation for Insurance enables insurers to improve product rollout and changes, collaboration with underwriting and the insurer’s front office, plus helps agents and brokers with account optimization.  Insurers front-office (field management, underwriting, support staff) benefit from improved visibility into book of business development and submission backlog while leveraging collaboration tools designed with agents and brokers in mind. See how leading insurers are empowering their agent/broker channels, improving speed-to-market and control over their sales and submission processes. 

Customer Service for Insurance
Customer Service for Insurance helps insurance companies re-invent how they deliver customer service so they can lead the market in customer satisfaction while making their employees more efficient. Customer Service for Insurance utilizes Pega's omni-channel services that provide intelligent guidance that simplifies the steps for personalized service, case management capabilities to connect people and systems to resolve issues the first time without the loss of context. Learn how insurance customers use customer service for insurance to anticipate, connect and simplify ensuring a great customer service experience every time.

Pega Warranty manages all aspects of the warranty process enabling organizations to automate and streamline operations across people, systems and channels. Come see how leading manufacturers reduce costs in their warranty operations while improving efficiency and accuracy, better managing payments, and reducing fraudulent claims.

Field Service
Pega Field Service is an end-to-end field service solution for managing the entire customer interaction lifecycle from the first phone call or online request to the closing of a service call. Stop by and see a demonstration of the entire Field Service Customer Interaction Lifecycle operating within a single system: Pega Field Service.

Empowering the Customer Experience
Excellent customer service depends on flawless operations. Watch this airline cargo demonstration to see how Pega software empowers organizations to handle every customer interaction. Optimize product service, manage shipments, logistics, and monitor and track claims with web self-service, inbound calls, email, mobile barcode scanning, and even integration with Alexa and Facebook Messenger.

Customer Service for Government
Pega Customer Service for Government provides a modern, easy-to-use and personalized experience for both your constituents and employees. With Pega, employees are empowered with intuitive tools to automate routine tasks, while driving guided, knowledge-driven interactions to ensure consistent, accurate, and impactful interactions across the government enterprise. Stop by our booth and watch proactive digital government in action!

Pega Government Platform
Visit our booth to learn how your organization can leverage Pega Government Platform to modernize legacy systems leveraging a unified, secure government foundation that is scalable, built to accommodate change, as well as allow for future innovation. PGP provides public sector specific capabilities, including government data models, portals, dashboards, reports, workflows, and case types. These components include standalone capabilities, as well as bundled solution frameworks intended to accelerate solution delivery and improve total cost of ownership.

Empowering Government Agencies
Pega empowers government organizations to transform at every level across the enterprise. Pega allows organizations to streamline their operations, deliver consistent, compliant service, respond immediately to policy change, and modernize operations without interruption. Learn how governments are solving their most pressing business issues including modernizing systems and operations, streamlining complex case management and delivering customer-focused service.

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Robotic Automation

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UX Design

Learn how Pega's scalable applications deliver consistent and cohesive customer experiences | 0:34