A New Era of Customer Engagement

When faced with the need to transform their business, many CSPs assume this means embarking on a BSS consolidation or replacement program. However, many service providers that we work with have tried and failed to rebuild or consolidate their stacks of business support systems (BSS), as these projects can be extremely disruptive, time-consuming and risky.


Do you meet expectations, or exceed them?

Your customers demand no less than a personalized experience that seamlessly blends effective self-service with live support. Their expectations are set by service providers that were born in the digital era, and they demand more, and they want it faster.

So how can today's telco's turn these expectations into a competitive advantage? A recent study with Vanson Bourne finds that in many providers need to review their marketing communications plans toward engaging customers.

Pega's Customer Engagement Platform: The Fast Track to a Superior Digital Experience

Get on the Fast Track to a Superior Digital Experience

To quickly deliver frictionless, omni-channel customer engagements, CSPs need a platform that frees them from legacy infrastructure constraints and lets them focus on the customer journey.

Download this whitepaper to learn how our Customer Engagement Platform allows CSPs to engage and interact with customers in real-time with intelligence, agility, and automation at the speed and scale you need.

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“[With Pega we have] the ability to change and add things really, really quickly without the kind of overhead and time pressure of having to go and code new things into big BSS or OSS stacks.”

David Leather, COO

Engage Anywhere. Engage Everywhere.

"Put the customer first.” You’ve heard it a million times. Maybe you have the poster on your wall. But no matter how much you talk the talk, you can’t walk the walk unless your technology measures up.

What if you could have a sixth sense about your customers’ individual needs, right when they need you most? You’d know what they want. And you’d deliver it when – or before – they want it.

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Engage Anywhere. Engage Everywhere.


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