Calling all digital changemakers

Breakthrough results should be shared. Tell your digital transformation story. Empower others with your insights. The call for PegaWorld iNspire presentations is now open.

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May 31 – June 2, 2020
Boston Convention & Exhibition Center


What we're looking for:

Client stories with a laser focus on how you’ve deployed Pega technology to deliver breakthrough results. Tell us how you’re working smarter and faster, creating amazing customer experiences, building powerful apps, and more.

The nitty gritty details

Our deadline for submission is October 17 at 5:00 p.m. EST. If your proposal is selected, you'll receive a complimentary pass to PegaWorld iNspire. Successful proposals will highlight one or more of the following topics:

Customer engagement

How are you using Pega to engage your customers? Whether it’s through marketing, service, sales, onboarding, fulfillment, or beyond, we want to hear about it.

Low-code development

Have you used Pega to build powerful apps, fast? Have you empowered greater collaboration between business and IT using low code development? Tell us more.

Rapid delivery

Delivering projects faster than ever? We’re all ears. Highlight some projects that demonstrate how you’re using practices like design thinking, Agile, DevOps, or continuous integration to accelerate business.

Pega as a service

Let us know how you’ve successfully used Pega as a service. Maybe you’ve saved a boatload of time and money by running your applications on our cloud, for example?

Submit your story*

*Deadline for proposals: October 17, 2019, 5:00 p.m. EST

Frequently asked questions

Submitting a proposal

How do I submit my proposal?

All PegaWorld iNspire content must be submitted through the Call for Presentations (CFP). The CFP submission form times out so we encourage you to prepare your answers using this worksheet before completing the online form.

Can I submit a proposal as a partner of Pega?

We receive an overwhelming number of submissions each year. As a result, priority will be given to proposals submitted by Pega clients. All Pega partners who submit on behalf of their clients are strongly encouraged to have their customer as the featured speaker. If the session is accepted, the named customer will be published to the website.

What makes a good proposal?

A good proposal showcases the strength of Pega technology through connecting an aspirational concept or business problem to measurable outcomes. This year specifically, we are looking for stories with a laser focus on deploying our powerful technology to drive customer engagement, customer service, and digital process automation. A successful proposal will highlight one or more of the following:

  • Customer engagement - Share how an organization uses Pega technology to engage customers in marketing, service, sales, onboarding, fulfillment, etc.
  • Low-code development - Illustrate how an organization uses Pega’s model-driven technology to build apps and enable business collaboration.
  • Rapid delivery - Showcase projects that have been delivered rapidly or demonstrate how a business is accelerating delivery, e.g. through design thinking, Agile best practices, DevOps, or continuous integration/continuous delivery.
  • Pega as a service - Showcase projects in which your company has leveraged Pega as a service, e.g. using Pega Cloud.

What are the most important aspects of a submission?

A well thought out and clearly articulated abstract is the key to a good submission. Remember, the abstract is also what will be published on the website and will be the public-facing view of what your breakout session is about. It should be compelling and clearly communicate what attendees can expect to learn from your session. Check out PegaWorld 2019 sessions here for some inspiration from other visionaries.

Selection process

How are proposals selected for PegaWorld iNspire?

Proposals go through multiple evaluations. Final selections are made by an internal committee whose goal is to assemble the best program possible. During the review process you may be contacted for additional information.

When will I find out if my proposal was accepted?

All submitters will be notified with a decision by November 25, 2019. Due to the high volume of submissions we are unable to provide specific feedback.

What happens if my proposal is selected?

Congrats! Next, you’ll begin a multi-step process to develop your presentation working closely with your Pega session owner. This process helps both new and experienced speakers stay on target for session delivery and ensure you develop the best session possible.

What happens if my proposal is not selected?

We are thankful for all submissions we receive but unfortunately cannot accept them all. We will keep all submissions on hand should a good speaking position present itself at PegaWorld iNspire or another event.

On-site information

What are the benefits of speaking at PegaWorld iNspire 2020?

PegaWorld iNspire presents an amazing opportunity to be a part of an exclusive group of insightful leaders and visionaries. Spread your message and inspire others with your personal stories while gaining the respect and admiration of a global audience.

Plus! You’ll receive a complementary PegaWorld iNspire full conference pass (maximum 2 speakers per presentation), coach class travel and hotel accommodations. Full details will be available in the speaker packet.

How are sessions structured?

PegaWorld iNspire features a variety of session types, including:

  • Customer Case Study - highlights a specific business problem, shares insights into how the project was justified internally, and provides measurable outcomes or ROI
  • Customer How-To - technical in nature, these sessions are delivered by Pega customers who “build cool stuff” by defining a specific problem and then digging into exactly how a solution was architected
  • Spark Talks - designed to fuel imagination and spark innovation, these sessions are inspirational in nature and designed to provide thought leadership or different perspectives on a specific topic or common theme
  • Product Spotlights - led by Pega and often supported by customer examples, these sessions dive into the latest and greatest on Pega’s products, capabilities, and functionality (these sessions are for Pega employees only)

Acceptance notifications will clearly articulate the capacity in which the proposal has been accepted. Although we cannot guarantee session preference type, we will do our best to accommodate where possible.

When are PegaWorld iNspire speaking slots?

PegaWorld iNspire sessions will be held on Monday, June 1 and Tuesday, June 2 and are 45-minutes in length.

How long are sessions?

Sessions are 45-minutes long. We recommend you plan 35-40 minutes for your presentation leaving time for questions and discussion.

What if I am a first time speaker?

Even if you have never attended PegaWorld iNspire before or are new to speaking, but are passionate, knowledgeable, and armed with a great story, we encourage you to submit! PegaWorld iNspire welcomes first-time speakers each year and will provide lots of support along the way. We all have to start somewhere!