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Highlights from the Customer Engagement Summit, London 2018

Discover how intelligence, automation, and agility are critical for engaging the digital customer and transforming organisations.

Highlights from the 2018 London Customer Engagement Summit | 3:23

2018 Highlights

Customer Engagement Summit London

Re-live the great conversations and insights that took place at Pega's Customer Engagement Summit in London on 6 February 2018.

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Customer Service for a Mad, Mad World

“It’s a mad, mad, mad world we’re living in,” says Jo Couson, CEO, The Institute of Customer Service. That’s in large part because organisations are faced with political uncertainty, changing regulatory frameworks, and the growing power of customers.

Using data from the U.K. Customer Satisfaction Index, she examined the future of customer service. Organisations need to really think about their purpose, why they’re relevant, and the impact they’re actually trying to create. Watch the replay to find out more insights into enhancing customer service in today’s marketplace.

The state of customer service in the UK | 31:39

Video on demand from the 2018 Customer Engagement Summit in London:


Future Empowered

Explore how Intelligence, Automation, and Agility are critical for engaging the digital customer and transforming organisations.

Alan Trefler, Founder and CEO, Pegasystems
CES London 2018: Future Empowered


Customer Service in the UK

The state of customer service in the United Kingdom and considerations for 2018 and beyond.

Jo Couson, CEO, The Institute of Customer Service
CES London 2018: Customer Service in the UK
Customer Service in the UK


On Stage Product Demo

A brief glimpse into the power of the Pega platform for engaging customers, optimising work and enabling change.

Robin Collyer, Decisioning Specialist, Pegasystems
CES London 2018: On Stage Product Demo
Customer Engagement Summit London 2018 - Live Demo Robin Collyer & James Twigg


Getting Started with WFI

Michael shares the approach Link Asset Services have taken to use robotics and Workforce Intelligence to understand where their transformation should focus for maximum impact.

Michael Kempe, COO, Link Asset Services
Getting Started with WFI
Getting Started with WFI (Short Version)
Getting Started with WFI

Product Demo

Beyond Low Code: Building Meaningful Apps That Scale

Pega product experts Dennis Grady and Sid Misra for an introduction to rapid app dev with the Pega Platform.

Pega Robotic Automation & Intelligence

Pega’s Robotic Automation and Workforce Intelligence suite delivers rapid value to organizations by automating manual tasks.

PegaWorld 2018: Employee Experience Insights with Workforce Intelligence

Employee experience is an often overlooked aspect of operational excellence and enterprise transformation. Join Pega as we discuss insights from our first-ever Employee Experience Index