PegaWorld 2017 keynote replays

Hear how Sprint, General Motors, and Transavia leverage Pega technology to engage their customers and empower their business.

PegaWorld 2017 Keynote | 63:29

Kushala Silva

Group Director, Innovation and Emerging Technologies

PegaWorld 2017 Keynote | 63:29

David Mingle

General Director, Global Customer Experience Execution
General Motors

PegaWorld 2017 Keynote | 30:19

Jason Charlebois

SVP Technology

PegaWorld 2017 Keynote | 21:04

Roger Solé

Chief Marketing Officer

PegaWorld 2017 Keynote | 25:43

Mattijs ten Brink

Managing Director – Chairman

PegaWorld 2017 Keynote | 33:02

Alan Trefler

Founder and CEO

PegaWorld 2017 Keynote | 63:29

Kerim Akgonul

Senior Vice President of Products

PegaWorld 2017 Keynote | 32:47

Dr. Rob Walker

Vice President, Decision Management and Analytics

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