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Navigating disruption will be no minor operation

How can operations (ops) leaders successfully navigate the rocky road ahead? This report uncovers what you need to adapt fast and overcome future challenges. Check out the highlights below and download the full report to dive deeper into the details.

Change is the new normal

With responsibility for people, budgets, project delivery, and strategy, ops can make or break new initiatives – and the current business climate doesn’t lighten the load. In our survey, we asked 750 ops leaders across 10 countries what they’re doing now to build greater resiliency for an increasingly disruptive future.

Transformative disruptions

In the years ahead, five key disruptions will greatly impact ops. Here’s our top two:

Automation everywhere

More organizations will use automation to wring out inefficiencies and bottlenecks in ops – with the goal of becoming more agile and adaptable.

71% of routine tasks will be automated

Cybersecurity and fraud concerns

Unifying siloed workflows on a unified platform to reduce vulnerabilities and achieve cyber goals more effectively should be a priority.

59% find cybersecurity and fraud to be challenging

Resilience is everything

When things change, ops models need to be updated quickly to adapt and succeed – but what does that look like? It’s not easy, but companies deploying disruptive ops models are more resilient, agile, and collaborative.

49% say it’s challenging to ensure resilience models are future-proof and fit for purpose.
53% say it’s challenging to be agile enough to compete with digitally native competitors.

Human expertise? Yes, please.

operations specialists

Call in the ops specialists

More complex products will still require even more specialists to do work that is too complex to automate and provide critical hands-on customer experience.

48% will need to hire more specialists for work that can’t be automated or digitized

Seismic shifts call for visionary leadership

Ops leaders should prioritize and optimize the right skills and technology for future success.

Skills to optimize

skills to optimize for ops leaders

Top-priority tech

top priority tech for ops leaders

Dive into the details

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