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What is Dynamic Case Management?

Dynamic Case Management (DCM) brings together people and information to get work done. Discover how DCM can digitally transform your business.

Critical Capabilities for Case Management

Pega Receives "Outstanding" rating for Product Viability in New Gartner Report on Case Management

2014 The Forrester Wave™

Pega cited as a leader in Forrester Research's 2014 Dynamic Case Management Analyst Report

A Better Way to Build Business Apps...6.4x Faster

A Productivity Comparison of Pegasystems Pega 7 versus Java Enterprise Edition Custom Build


Reduce Time to Market

Doubled Market Share in One Year

Improve Efficiency

50% Increase in Back Office Productivity

Resolve Cases Faster

From 5 Days to 30 Minutes
Pega Dynamic Case Management (DCM) and Business Process Management (BPM) Solutions
Pega DCM brings together all the people and information needed to get work done and reach optimal business outcomes

Pega DCM brings together all the people and information needed to get work done and reach optimal business outcomes.

Unlike traditional BPM, which forces every case to rigidly follow a predefined path that can't accommodate unforeseen circumstances, Pega DCM instantly adapts to every situation, and helps businesses automate and complete the entire lifecycle of both planned and unplanned work.

  • Case Lifecycle Management™ makes it easy to capture, realize and evolve the full scope of work in the way business users think. It lets users see pending cases, assign tasks, manage ad hoc work, create new cases and sub-cases, do research, collaborate, and manage case status throughout the entire lifecycle of the case.
  • Analytics-powered decision management and business rules allow Pega DCM to automatically resolve cases whenever possible, and to defer to guided human judgment as required.
  • Pega Live Data™ automatically delivers the right data and documents for easy access in the context of the case.
  • Pega Pulse™ Social Collaboration facilitates problem solving by employees, partners and customers as part of the work, with complete security and auditability.
  • Design by Doing™ technology turns ad hoc work of a successful case into a repeatable best practice for reuse in similar situations.


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Improves Visibility and Management
Customizable dashboards, reports, and graphs help align work with business strategy

Case lifecycle visibility gives you the real-time insight needed to control work routing and escalation. Customizable dashboards, reports, and graphs help executives align work with business strategy and confirm that business goals are met.

  • End-to-End Visibility: Pega DCM manages work throughout the life of the case, from receiving, to routing, reporting, research, response, and resolution.
  • Case manager portal lets managers assign or transfer work among workers and teams, set SLAs for notification and resolution, and monitor results throughout the organization.
  • Customizable dashboards and reports provide a detailed and relevant view of all aspects of cases and case handling, with additional information from systems-of-record and external data sources.
  • Report Controls let managers summarize or drill down into work, and advance, re-assign, and re-prioritize cases directly in the report.
  • Configurable real-time charts from over 300 chart types can be added to reports as summaries and pivot tables. Pega DCM reports and charts also handle other aspects of case management, such as Geo-location on maps and live-data overlays on processes and schematics that give case managers and executives an accurate and actionable view of the case application and participants.


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Engages Users Across All Channels
With Pega DCM's design-once, deploy anywhere technology, user experience is automatically tailored to the current user and situation

The rapid proliferation of mobile devices and social channels creates opportunities for companies to better serve customers and empower employees wherever they go. Pega Omni-Channel UX™ ensures a consistent user experience across any channel of interaction. Desktop, mobile, IVR, social—the Pega application handles them all. Design-once, deploy anywhere model-based design improves consistency of the end-user experience and reduces the time and cost to design and deploy today’s multi-channel applications.

  • Design once, deploy everywhere: No need to develop multiple user interfaces for your solution. Screens automatically adapt to the device and its screen size.
  • Pega Mobile Web: A responsive, standards-based web user interface that works on desktop and mobile device alike. The HTML 5-rendered user interface automatically adapts to the device screen dimensions.
  • Pega Mobile Client: Deploy any Pega application as a packaged, branded, managed mobile app for use on an Android and iOS device. Includes support for push notifications, mobile enterprise security and distribution management, and access to native device features such as camera and signature.
  • Pega Mobile Mashup: Embeds Pega applications’ user interfaces into your existing native mobile apps. Pega’s customizable design-once, access anywhere responsive UI elements seamlessly integrate into the native app’s end user experience.
  • Personalization: The user experience is automatically tailored to the current user and situation, including language, locale, role, and customer type.
  • Pega Pulse™ Social Collaboration: facilitates problem solving by employees, partners and customers as part of the process, with complete security and auditability.
  • Mashups: Selectively expose any part of the solution—offers, self-service, and interactions—to customers on your website or social media presence.
  • Pega Live UI enables refinement of UI design and behavior from within a running application. Makes it easy for UI design pros to adjust and demonstrate UI changes during user feedback sessions. Integrated governance controls migration of changes into development, integration and production environments.


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Automatically Adapts
The Pega Situational Layer Cake automatically tailors work to match the current situation

Pega DCM efficiently delivers repeatable, differentiated solutions by first capturing elements that are common and shared, and then specializing them to meet the diverse needs of your business. The Pega Situational Layer Cake™ automatically tailors work to match the current situation, adjusting the solution by any number of dimensions, such as customer type, product, channel, department, geography, language and time.

  • Captures Common and Shared Elements: case types, processes, user interfaces, rules, and integration are made available in re-usable foundation "layers."
  • Defines Specialized Elements: increasingly specialized layers specify the policies and procedures that depart from the standard according to such dimensions as customer type, product, channel, department, geography, language or time.
  • Automatically Assembles the Solution to match the specific situation, selecting relevant elements from specialized and common layers.
  • Audit trail and replay capability handle compliance questions at any point in time.
  • Complete model supports specialization of any element of the solution—there is no need to hard-code any part.


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Delivers Enterprise-Ready Applications
Pega Security Access Manager helps you see how users groups are authorized to access features and data in your application, simplifying your application's security deployment review and subsequent management

On-premises or in Pega Cloud, Pega DCM simplifies integration with systems of record and delivers secure, scalable, and highly available DCM applications.

  • Federated Case Management makes it easy to share cases and information across any number of independently governed and secured Pega DCM systems.
  • Zero-Disruption Architecture simplifies delivery and administration of high-availability applications, eliminating downtime for maintenance (even Pega upgrades) or unplanned outages.
  • Pega Live Data delivers the right information to your cases and screens where and when it's needed.
  • Data Visualizer shows you how data fits into your application. At a glance, you can see the relationships among data classes and the cases that use them, whether data are local, pointers, or configured for automatic Live Data retrieval from an external system.
  • Process Extenders for SAP and SFDC add case management and enhance flexibility of these applications with the power of Pega DCM.
  • Pega Cloud® is a reliable, scalable cloud environment for developing and running your Pega applications, with security, performance, and data center portability.
  • Guardrails improve application quality, reduce time to go live, and reduce the time and cost of maintenance and future upgrades by detecting configuration errors, and recommending specific changes that adhere to best practices. Guardrail compliance scores and dashboard makes it easy to assess overall quality and quickly remediate issues.
  • Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud (PDC) is a SaaS-based application performance management (APM) solution that helps customers identify and correct Pega-specific system health issues before they impact the business.
  • PostgreSQL support provides an open-source alternative for your Pega application operational database.


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