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Access to the most successful and proven solutions for BPM and CRM.


The Secret to Repeatable Success

When you choose Pega Consulting to assist you with implementing your Pega solution, you gain access to the most successful and proven solutions for BPM and CRM, backed by a team of seasoned professionals committed to your success. Pega certified consultants are experienced resources that provide thought leadership leveraging extensive industry domain knowledge and deep functional expertise, and prevent project risks that invariably surface.

Our mix of services complement your capabilities and needs, with an aim to get your team up-to-speed as quickly as possible and enabled to stand on its own, implement your vision and achieve meaningful business outcomes with each iteration. We combine an adaptive delivery approach with Pega best practices and iterative methodology for designing, implementing and maintaining Pega applications over the long term. This approach maximizes your adoption of the Pega platform, produces efficient, quality applications for the greatest strategic impact, and accelerates and perpetuates your return on investment.

As your Pega team and BPM adoption matures, Pega continues to support you in an advisory, expert capacity to ensure your sustainable success. Services range from providing assessments and recommendations, which optimize design, performance, user experience, and more, to solutions for establishing a Center of Excellence, managing installations, upgrades, integrations, and usability services — to enable your business and IT users with the powers to engage, simplify, and change to achieve higher returns.

Service Products and Solutions

Design Review
Build the Technical Design Foundation for Extensible, Scalable, Maintainable Optimal Performance — Delivers a thorough evaluation early in the project when there is the least cost and risk to discover and correct any issues around system performance, responsiveness, quality, re-use and extensibility, scalability, maintainability and security.

Usability Review
Increase User Satisfaction with your PRPC Applications with Practical User Interface Recommendations — Evaluates the user experience and interface of your applications on all devices, providing expertly tailored recommendations designed specifically for your application and enterprise strategy. Beyond just the "look and feel" design, we identify information architecture issues, business process gaps, data design requirements and detailed design problems to optimize user experience and ensures strong user adoption, and intuitive, guided design.

Project Accelerator
Fast Track the Delivery of an Initial Pega Implementation for Production — A high-value service led by a small team of experts who capture business objectives and examine business requirements to create a rapid and accurate assessment of costs, resources, business outcomes and delivery timeframe. This service minimizes execution risk with greater certainty on exact requirements and scope.

Performance Health Check
Reduce Performance Risks with Pre-Production System Audit — Rapidly diagnoses, evaluates, and addresses performance and scale problems that affect PRPC implementations, providing expert advice and remediation recommendations.

Center of Excellence Accelerator (CoE) Packages
Drive BPM Adoption, Success and Returns — Establishes a CoE vision and strategy, develop architecture and project implementation, capture and share knowledge and best practices – collapsing the CoE development time from up to 6 months down to 4-6 weeks.