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We’re sponsoring the work of MIT CISR – experts in enterprise digital transformation – to arm you with the latest research and insights from thought leaders in the field. Explore resources for every step of your DX journey, from navigating organizational change to leading a next-generation enterprise.

Navigating organizational change

Don’t just realign. Coevolve for the future.

Nothing good happens in siloes. Digital transformation is no different. Clinging to the same-old structures and processes just won’t cut it. Today’s leaders need to radically rethink how every player – from the front-office to the back-office and everywhere in between – works together to enhance customer outcomes and manage disruption. MIT CISR takes this argument a step further, making the case for IT, partners, and consumers to be deeply involved in redefining digital experiences and engagement. Check out these resources for building a future-ready workforce.

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MIT CISR Research

Becoming Future Ready Requires Organizational Explosions

Difficult changes – or “explosions” – are necessary to transform. Here’s how to handle them.

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MIT CISR Research

Companies with Digitally Savvy IT Units Perform Better

Find out why thriving in the digital era requires leadership in many areas – including IT.


MIT CISR Research

Don't Align – Coevolve!

This is bigger than business and IT. Today’s CIOs are coevolving digital with customers and partners.

MIT CISR Research

5 Building Blocks of Digital Transformation

Discover the key strategies successfully adopted by global leaders like Audi, Philips, and Spotify.

Driving transformation with leadership

DX isn’t just a project. It’s a cause to rally behind.

You know tech is just one piece of the digital transformation puzzle. Shifting an entire enterprise away from legacy systems and legacy thinking is no easy feat. Driving real change requires strong vision, leadership, and execution. So how do you rally people together behind a shared cause and sustain momentum all the way to the finish line? Check out these MIT CISR resources designed to prime you and your organization for success.

MIT CISR Research

6 Questions for Building a Next-Generation Enterprise

Use these six essential questions to develop your company’s transformation strategy.

MIT CISR Research

Rethink Your Approach to Digital Strategy: Experiment and Engage

Find out which habits help leading companies choose the right digital solutions and stay competitive.

MIT CISR Research

Companies with a Digitally Savvy Board Perform Better

Organizations with savvy boards see higher ROA, revenue growth, and market cap growth. Learn why.

Achieving digital transformation for real

How do top global enterprises do it? Find out from MIT CISR.

Digital transformation is difficult, not impossible. Don’t believe us? MIT CISR studied leading global organizations to discover innovative DX strategies that are yielding breakthrough results. Learn from these real-life success stories and find inspiration to guide your own transformation.

MIT CISR Case Study

The First Year of Digital Transformation at Principal International Chile

Through new offerings and ways of working, this company is helping more customers reach financial goals.

U.S. Census Bureau is innovating for a mobile workforce

MIT CISR Case Study

Digital Transformation at KPN: Navigating Organizational Disruption

Learn what it takes to overcome disruption from KPN, a leading provider of ICT services.

A unified digital government

MIT CISR Case Study

DBS: From the “World’s Best Bank” to Building the Future-Ready Enterprise

On a mission to become “digital to the core,” DBS is embedding banking in every customer journey.

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