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Leading energy and utility companies are creating more agile business processes and more satisifying customer experiences with Pega solutions. Pega's Build for Change® technology has revolutionized the application development process by providing business users with intelligent tools to define and model entire processes end-to-end. Businesses are able to automate critical processes, built upon best practices, to improve productivity, compliance, and profitability. Solutions are easy to maintain and adapt, integration with existing systems is simplified, and business goals are never lost in translation.

How Pega Energy Solutions Transform Operations:

  • Maximize output and operating margins by automating manual processes in production, distribution and logistics
  • Achieve measurable results faster with tools that accelerate solution development
  • Become more agile and adaptable to change within a business-driven development environment
  • Achieve better outcomes by transforming the way business and IT work together
  • Protect investments by extending the value of legacy systems

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6 Step Approach to Resolving Incidents Infographic

Global competition and additional government regulations mean that they must be able to quickly define, modify, and automate processes critical to ensuring safety and compliance.

Pega Process Extender for SAP Business Suite (webinar)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has become a critical part of your business landscape and you need to automate processes that go beyond the core ERP functions.  Learn how you can extend your ERP and systems of record in critical business processes with dynamic case management to improve agility, ease-of-use, and speed of change. A Process Excellence Network (PEX) webinar replay.

Using BPM for Real-Time Six Sigma -- A Conversation with Jabil (podcast)

In this edition of the Build for Change Digest, Jabil's Director, Lean Six Sigma, Gerry McCool discusses how Jabil is using advanced BPM to build on their organization's success with Lean Six Sigma.

Customer Success

Using Pega solutions, energy and utility companies have achieved rapid and measurable value.