Business Process Optimization in the Oil & Gas Market

IDC's Jill Feblowitz discusses the top trends for oil & gas businesses in North America

How Pega is Helping the World’s Leading Energy Companies

Achieve Rapid Incident Resolution

in Conjunction with Rigorous Regulatory Compliance

Delivering a World-Class Passenger Journey

Pega BPM enables Heathrow to coordinate
75,000 workers



Leading energy and utility companies are creating more agile business processes and more satisifying customer experiences with Pega solutions. Pega's Build for Change® technology has revolutionized the application development process by providing business users with intelligent tools to define and model entire processes end-to-end. Businesses are able to automate critical processes, built upon best practices, to improve productivity, compliance, and profitability.

Pega 7 Platform

Pega 7 delivers solutions 6.4X faster than traditional Java EE. The Build for Change platform brings new solutions to life with simplicity and speed for adaptability to changing business needs.

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