Customer Success Stories

Using Pega BPM and CRM, communication and media companies have achieved rapid and measurable value:

Verizon Wireless: Transforming Customer Service with Real-time Predictive Analytics

Pega interviews Andrew Herz, Director of Customer Relationship Management at Verizon Wireless, to talk more about how the organization is able to better anticipate and address customer needs, preferences and requests. Leveraging Pega technology, Verizon has become more agile and responsive to customers, and its interactions across all channels are being tailored to each customer's unique needs.

The Power of Color: How Decisioning & Analytics Creates Vibrant Customer Interactions

Hear how EE, the UK's largest mobile network operator, is leveraging real-time decisioning and analytics to deliver exceptional value to both customers and the business.

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Driving Customer Centricity through Process Excellence at Telstra

To stay ahead in this world of accelerating change, CSPs need to become more responsive to customer needs, more efficient, and more agile. In this session Telstra will share how Pega's Build for Change® technology is helping them transform the customer experience using a process-centric approach.

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How Vodafone Germany Is Delivering Enterprise Excellence

For Communications Service Providers (CSPs), delivering a superior customer experience in the first 60 days means managing orders accurately and efficiently. Hear how Vodafone Germany is using Pega to streamline the management of customer orders across their operational silos while improving customer experience and reducing costs.

Comcast’s Vision for Maximizing Customer Value – Moving Beyond the Basics

For organizations like Comcast, the largest Cable provider in North America, consistently delivering relevant offers across all service channels is a critical factor in delivering superior customer service and achieving long-term customer satisfaction. Hear from Comcast about their vision for driving meaningful improvement across their service channels and transforming their approach to customer retention and revenue generation.

The Value of Delivering Consistent, Intent-driven Customer Interactions at Cox Communications

Russell Keziere interviews Ryan Jessop, Senior Project Manager IT at Cox Communications, to talk more about the value of delivering consistent, intent-driven customer interactions across all channels, from an IT standpoint. Leveraging Pega technology for next-best-actions, Cox has become more agile and responsive to their unique customer needs. The cable, telephone and commercial services provider is fueling customer centricity.

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