Design Review

Design for Success from the Start

With Pega’s Design Review service, you can rest assured that you are building your project on a firm foundation that will rapidly deliver the business benefits you expect. In addition, the Design Review simplifies and illuminates your design process, often uncovering new opportunities to leverage your Pega solution in ways that will further optimize processes, reduce costs, improve compliance and enhance the customer experience. During the Design Review, Pega’s Expert Service Professionals:

  • Work hand-in-hand with your team throughout the design phase.
  • Review your designs based on industry-recognized design principles, such as Pegasystems’ Ten Guardrails.
  • Help speed your Pega project to fruition.

Stay on Track with Pegasystems Ten Guardrails

Whether you are creating your first application or planning additional applications or iterations, the Pegasystems’ Ten Guardrails combined with hands-on coaching, helps you learn how to leverage Pega’s reusable components for repeatable and sustainable success.

Next Steps

For assistance in scoping and scheduling your Design Review, please contact the Pegasystems Professional Services practice leader in your area.

Download the Design Review datasheet