Stay Connected to the Heart of Your Business

Put the power of Pega in the palm of your hand. With Pega's mobile capability, you can extend your agile business processes without any need to develop a separate mobile application – and do so in just a matter of days or even hours. And your Pega mobile solution isn’t just another enterprise app accessed through a Web browser. It was designed to support the way mobile users work, helping them be just as efficient in the field as they are in the office.

The Pega Difference

Deliver a great user experience
Pega offers touch navigation, so applications are intuitive to learn and behave the way mobile users expect them to. It leverages device-native features like camera and GPS so that users can snap and attach photos or launch maps inside a business process. It knows which device it’s running on, automatically rendering screens appropriate to the form factor of that device. And it’s easy to tailor the experience to the needs of each user - you determine which functionality to expose, the look and feel of screens and just about every aspect of the mobile experience.

Get work done everywhere
With Pega, you’re as productive on the road as you would be in the office. Notifications of key events are sent to your device so you can respond in real time and keep critical work moving forward. Make decisions, route tasks, approve work items, collaborate with other process participants – all from your mobile device. Because Pega's mobile solutions are connected to the underlying Pega application, any time a user takes action on a process, all participants can see the change in real time whether they’re in the back office, front office or using mobile devices.

Gain rapid time to value
Pega makes it fast and simple to put the power of Pega applications in the hands of mobile users. In most cases, an existing Pega application can be extended to mobile devices in a matter of days. Pega acts as a thin client, simply rendering a mobile interface that interacts directly with the business logic in your Pega applications. Just design the mobile UI in the same drag-and-drop environment you use to create all Pega applications, and your mobile application is up and running.

Change it easily
Built on Pega’s revolutionary Build for Change® technology, Pega Mobile makes it easy to change any aspect of the mobile application from the user interface to underlying functionality. Whenever a Pega application is updated, those changes are automatically reflected to mobile users, without any need for an app update or a software version download. It’s just as easy to change the mobile user interface. When you modify the mobile UI, users will see those changes the next time they access that screen. With Pega Mobile, your users are always interacting with the latest version of your application.