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The agility to bring products to market faster; make, market and sell more profitably; and deliver superior customer engagement.

Pega helps you improve your business—quickly and continuously. It keeps you focused on strategic goals while intelligently automating work. It engages more users through more channels. And does this more simply and enjoyably than ever before.

Experience what Better Business Software can do for you.

Works the Way your Business Thinks

Case Lifecycle Management™

An insightful new way for business and IT to accurately capture, realize and evolve the full scope of work. Intuitive visual tools mirror the way business people naturally think about how work gets done and eliminate much of the complicated syntax of traditional BPM.

Predictive and Adaptive Analytics

Actionable insight and better decision-making, now simpler and directly accessible by business people—eliminating the traditional dependence on long training and specialized expertise. Adaptive analytics continuously refine recommended actions based on data from a wide array of sources.


Engages More Users Through More Channels

Pega Pulse™ Social Collaboration

Encourages and governs enterprise social collaboration. On-line conversations are stored in the context of work being done for later reference or audit. Users can advance a process or resolve a case directly from their conversation feeds, and even incorporate conversations from external social media networks.

Omni-Channel UX™

Opens your apps to mobile and social channels with consistent, attractive and intuitive user experiences across all channels of interaction. By automatically adjusting to the device or channel, its "design once, access anywhere" user interface cuts the time and cost to create today's multi-channel applications.


Simplifies and Accelerates

Pega Live Data

Simplifies the use of data in business processes by automatically applying the right data, in the right places, at the right time. Re-usable data objects cut development time. Easily integrates with your systems of record and big data sources. Built-in caching and predictive retrieval improve application performance.

Zero-Disruption Architecture

Eliminates the need for planned downtime, and immediately recovers from unplanned events. Delivers high availability both on-premises as well as in Pega Cloud™, the industry's most secure and reliable cloud platform.

Global Ecosystem

More than 10,000 consultants globally will be ready to help your business adopt Pega 7. New Pega Academy on-line video courseware simplifies and accelerates enablement.


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