Applications, transformed

Proven in enterprise-wide, transformational deployments in the world’s largest companies.

Applications engineered for evolution

Pega 7 has been proven in enterprise-wide, transformational deployments in the world’s largest companies.

  • Complete. A unified platform with everything you need to deliver “end-to-end” customer experiences by integrating, automating, and improving complex front- and back-office business operations.
  • Fast. 6.4x faster than Java Enterprise Edition to build robust business applications, according to an independent study by Capgemini.
  • Scalable. Build applications that meet the diverse needs of multiple business units, channels, products, geographies, and customer segments.

Applications built on the Pega 7 Platform benefit from a unique set of capabilities.

  • Directly Capture Objectives™. Visual tools enable business-IT collaboration to deliver applications faster and more accurately for maximum business value. Watch video
  • Situational Layer Cake™. By automatically tailoring applications to the business context in which businesses' operate, Pega 7 makes it dramatically easier to re-use common policies and procedures and apply them in multiple business units, channels, geographies and customer segments. Watch video
  • Omni-channel UX™. Pega 7 delivers an elegant and intuitive user interface that works across all channels. With the Pega Mashup, you can even embed the Pega 7 UI into existing websites and mobile apps. Watch video
  • Case Lifecycle Management™. By organizing work by goals, stages, and steps instead of processes and transactions, Pega 7 manages the full scope of work in a way that everyone can easily understand.
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  • Next Best Action. Leverage big data, historical data, and event streams to optimize the customer experience. Deliver the right action, offer, or information in real-time across all channels. Watch video
  • Live Data. Pega Live Data creates a data virtualization layer that separates the definition and use of data objects from the details of how and where data is stored and accessed. View demo

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Simplify and automate

Pega 7 BPM streamlines your operations so you can reduce costs and improve business agility. Pega is recognized by leading analyst firms as the most comprehensive and unified BPM platform.

  • Directly captures objectives. Facilitate business-IT collaboration throughout the project lifecycle. Visual tools capture every aspect of how work gets done—from process to user interfaces, rules, and integration.
  • Automates programming. What you see is what you get. Pega 7 directly translates business requirements into finished applications—without manual programming.
  • Automates work. Rules and process automatically resolve work wherever possible, and intelligently guide action where human judgment is needed. Real-time predictive and adaptive analytics leverage big data for smarter processes.
  • Scales and differentiates processes. Efficiently delivers repeatable, differentiated solutions by re-using common policies and procedures in multiple business units, channels, geographies, and customer segments.
  • Engages users across all channels. Reduce the time and cost to design and deploy multi-channel applications. Pega 7 Omni-Channel UX delivers consistent end-user experiences across desktop, mobile, IVR and social channels.
  • Delivers enterprise-ready applications. On-premise or in the cloud, Pega 7 simplifies integration with systems of record and delivers secure, scalable, and highly available BPM applications.

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Pega Business Process Management
A better way to get work done

Bring together the people and information needed to get work done and reach optimal outcomes. Analysts recognize Pega 7 Case Management as the industry’s most comprehensive and unified solution.

  • Simplifies and automates case work. Unlike traditional BPM, which forces work to rigidly follow predefined paths that can’t accommodate unforeseen circumstances, Pega 7 automates everything that can be automated and intelligently guides work that requires flexibility and human judgment.
  • Improves visibility and management. From case inception to resolution, Pega 7 lets nothing fall between the cracks, no matter how complicated things get. Customizable dashboards, reports, and graphs give you real-time tracking of work and escalation control.
  • Engages users across all channels. Reduce the time and cost to design and deploy multi-channel applications. Pega 7 Omni-Channel UX delivers consistent end-user experiences across desktop, mobile, IVR, and social channels.
  • Automatically adapts to diverse global needs. Efficiently deliver repeatable, differentiated solutions by re-using common policies and procedures in multiple business units, channels, geographies, and customer segments.
  • Delivers enterprise-ready applications. In the cloud or on-premises, Pega 7 simplifies integration with systems of record and delivers secure, scalable, and highly available case management applications.

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Dynamic Case Management
The right decision at the right time

Pega 7 eliminates the gap between business insight and execution by unifying business rules and real-time decisioning. While legacy decision management technology keeps actions at arm’s length from decision engines, Pega brings all decisioning into a central hub and drives real-time intelligence and optimal business outcomes across all aspects of your operations.

  • Simplicity, visibility and empowerment. Using highly visual tools, business users can graphically create, simulate, deploy, measure, and optimize business rules and decision strategies—without the need for any coding or advanced science degrees.
  • Use big data to enrich decisions and improve outcomes. Pega’s predictive analytics leverage real-time and historic data to calculate likely customer behavior. You can also stream big data into strategies that monitor customer behavior patterns that proactively alert inbound channels leading to better incident response management.
  • Liberate business rules and policies. A rich set of business rule types, including decision trees, declarative rules, decision tables, and strong rules management capabilities can be unified with decision strategies, necessary actions, and fulfillment activities. By capturing business policies, rules and strategy logic in one system, you can ensure compliance and achieve straight through processing. Pega 7 also gives you the flexibility to fully integrate with other data sources and systems such as product configuration, credit scores, offer management, tax optimization, and more.
  • Adapt and learn in real time. By combining predictive models with self-learning adaptive analytics, inflight interactions can be improved with new contextual information. For example, information obtained during a customer conversation can update and inform the decision model. The system does not wait for this new information to be collected, aggregated, and assimilated, but instead refreshes its recommendations instantly and continuously to improve results.
  • Coordinate strategies across every channel. With Pega 7’s decision hub approach, you deploy and manage centralized decisioning strategies across all digital and physical channels—including kiosks, social media, and mobile devices. Intelligence guided and automated decisioning can easily begin in one channel and be seamlessly transitioned to another for customer-facing interactions and back office case management.
  • Achieve rapid time-to-value. Pega 7’s strategic application offerings for marketing, sales and onboarding, service and support, and more incorporate pre-built, fit-for-purpose decision management strategies to expedite return on investment.

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The Customer Decision Hub
Tap into your business anywhere

Keep customers and employees connected to critical business processes wherever they go. Whether building a new app from scratch or integrating new capabilities into existing apps, Pega offers a mobile solution for every business problem.

  • A seamless experience. Across all channels. On any device. Pega’s mobile solutions are tightly integrated with back-end systems, so whenever a user takes action, everyone sees the change in real-time no matter where they are, in the office or on the road.
  • Faster time-to-market. Whether you use Pega 7’s model-driven, visual process or if you prefer familiar Web, hybrid, or native development tools to connect with Pega’s APIs, you can streamline development to dramatically reduce build and test cycles.
  • Adaptability. Whenever a Pega 7 application is updated, those changes are automatically delivered to mobile users, without any need for an app update or a software version download.
  • Built-in reusability. Pega’s services framework makes it easy to create and access reusable components across different apps. Custom developed services and third-party services can also be quickly integrated into new apps via documented APIs.
  • Testing that isn’t taxing. Ensure consistency and functionality with Pega’s mobile testing suite. It enables automated regression tests across physical and simulated devices on multiple platforms and versions—all with custom settings and configurations, including network connectivity.

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The freedom to succeed

Trust your business evolution to the experts without compromising. Enterprise-grade cloud services, industry leading infrastructure, and operational excellence engineered specifically for Pega 7 and Pega applications.

  • Business scaling. Start small by quickly developing and testing applications with infrastructure services. Go the distance with fully managed production services.
  • Flexibility. Deploy services to geo-specific regions. Connect to existing data center capabilities with private cloud infrastructure and VPNs to securely access back-end systems.
  • Pega Cloud Operations. Receive the benefits of a dedicated team and 24/7 Operations Center that provides: Security, Access, Backup, Disaster Recovery, Monitoring, Reporting, Data Storage, Data Retention, and Support.
  • Advanced technology. Pega Cloud partners with industry-leading vendors. Pega is an Advanced Technology Partner and SaaS Partner with Amazon Web Services.
  • Secure computing and data management. Pega Cloud supports some of the most demanding industries. Shared responsibility for compliance has to ensure that all layers of the environment are protected. We continually work with our customers and vendors to provide industry-specific security and data compliance.
  • Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud. On premise applications benefit when issues can be detected early. This SaaS offering provides remote application monitoring and recommendations for remediation so administrators can react faster and preempt major issues.

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Pega Cloud

Embracing the Cloud

Embracing the Cloud

The State of Maine chose the Pega Platform to transform their citizen services.

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