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Pega can help you deliver on the promise of personalized customer engagements. Consistent messaging and relevant offers increase value across every phase of a customer’s journey.

Build deeper connections

Move beyond segmentation and campaigns to manage customer relationships across inbound and outbound channels.

  • Drive customer conversations. Build customer trust with consistent omni-channel communication so that you can provide contextual messaging, branding, and nurturing wherever customers choose to engage.
  • Gain unparalleled marketing visibility. Pega provides closed loop marketing that increases operational effectiveness and reduces time-to-value, so you can orchestrate all of the people, processes, and systems needed to automatically drive offers through to fulfillment.
  • Control in one place. Effortlessly execute campaigns, offers, and strategies across any channel—digital and traditional—in real time.
  • Enhance customer lifetime value. Turn every customer interaction into an opportunity to build trust and value including: acquisition, retention, upsell, cross-sell, and nurture strategies.
  • Master complexity and continuously adapt. Make it easier and faster for your business to connect the disparate marketing systems to generate marketing strategies, which can be simulated and tested.

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Go Beyond the Campaign with Pega Marketing
EE: Transforming the Customer Journey Through 1:1 Customer...
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Pega Marketing vs. Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Optimize customer value

Pega helps large enterprises realize massive returns including revenue growth and improved time-to-value across the customer journey.

  • Campaign design. Single place for marketers to easily design, build, execute all strategies and associated campaigns.
  • Next-best-action. Pega anticipates customer needs in real time based on customer data and business context. It intelligently provides the right offer or content at the right channel at the right time.
  • Simulate and test. Allows marketers to simulate and test the potential impact of even the most complex customer strategies before putting them into production.
  • Self-learning. Personalize your customer strategies in real time. Our exclusive machine learning algorithms ensure you can continually evolve the relevancy and timeliness of each offer or action—with minimal need for data experts.
  • Predictive analytics. Pega enables marketers to design and execute predictive analytics strategies with campaigns, inbound and outbound, to accurately anticipate customer behaviors, such as nurture, offer acceptance, churn or credit risk.
  • Pega 7 Platform. Maximize existing technology investments and ensure the fastest time-to-value by easily integrating and orchestrating marketing legacy systems.

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Pega Marketing vs. Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Build for Change: Next Best Action
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Pega Marketing
Complete agility for marketers

Control over customer strategies across all of your customer channels.

  • Drive upsell strategies. Support the marketer’s ability to increase customer lifetime value by driving the customer to spend more money by offering at a higher margin of the same type of product or add features that relate to the product.
  • Manage cross-sell strategies. Empower marketers with cross-sell strategies that generate a greater lifetime value by taking actions which get the customer to spend more money by bundling products from other categories to generate additional revenue and deepen customer relationships.
  • Differentiate at all times. Marketers can ensure unique propositions across every channel with offers that meet their customers’ needs while providing the relevant budget, the applicable communication, and script.
  • Enhance customer retention. Pega enables marketers to retain existing customers and drive deeper existing revenue. Pega Marketing enables all facets of retention from proactive customer retention through analytics-based attrition insight and reactive customer retention to retention offer negotiation.
  • Deepen customer relationships. Pega drives customer post sales or service support by nurturing your customer relationships. Pega enables a variety of activities from on-boarding, customer education, surveys, and loyalty programs.

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Customer Success: PNC Financial Services
EE: Transforming the Customer Journey Through 1:1 Customer...
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RBS: Improving Response Rates by 25%

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