Make the Right Decisions at the Right Time for Your Business

Pega eliminates the gap between business insight and execution by unifying business rules and real-time decisioning with dynamic case and business process management. Legacy decision management technology keeps actions (process, case, client interaction) at arm’s length from the decision engines (business policies, predictive and adaptive analytics). Pega brings all decisioning into a central hub and drives real-time intelligence and optimal business outcomes across all aspects of business operations.


The Pega Difference

Simplicity, visibility and empowerment
You don’t need to be an expert in math or science, with highly visual tools business users can graphically create, simulate, measure and optimize business policies, rules and decision strategies without the need for any coding or advanced science degrees.

Use Big Data to enrich decisions and improve outcomes
Pega’s predictive analytics leverage big data as well as historical data to create pattern-based strategies that identify complex relationships. The results include highly predictive scoring models that can significantly improve the probability of desirable outcomes, whether for improved customer experience, incident response management, process optimization, inbound marketing or event triage.

Liberate business rules and policies

Pega’s platform includes a rich set of business rule types, including decision trees, declarative rules, decision tables and strong rules management capabilities on par with any standalone rules engine. By capturing business policies and logic into the system, organizations can ensure compliance and achieve straight through processing wherever possible along with the flexibility to solve complex problems such as product configuration, offer management, tax optimization, and much more.

Adapt and learn in real-time
By combining predictive models with self-learning adaptive analytics, inflight interactions can be improved with new information. During a customer interaction, for example, new information obtained within a conversation can update and inform the decision model. The system does not wait for this new information to be assimilated, but refreshes instantly and constantly to improve results. 

Coordinate strategies across every channel
Built-in cross channel management lets you deploy a centralized decisioning strategy across every channel – including social media and mobile devices. Whether for customer facing sales, marketing or service interactions, or back office case management, guided decisioning can easily begin in one channel and be seamlessly transitioned to another.

Achieve rapid time-to-value
To accelerate time-to-value, Pega offerings such as those for marketing, sales, and service incorporate fit for purpose decision management strategies to expedite implementation of cross-sell/ up-sell and retention.


The ABCs of Decision Management

A foundation for Intelligent Business Operations
Decision management is central to achieving intelligent business operations. Learn more about how Pega’s unified approach brings insight into action more quickly and effectively than traditional and disparate decision management technologies:

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