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In today’s digital world, there is great opportunity for government to be agile, accessible and proactive. To achieve this, agencies need the capability to prove success early and often in manageable phases. Pega provides government organizations the path forward to achieving the digital promise―improving constituent satisfaction and reducing costs.


Be agile, simplify and achieve government objectives efficiently

Governments around the globe face staggering challenges: be more responsive to constituents; become more agile, efficient and transparent; reduce waste, fraud and abuse―and do it all with fewer resources and lower costs. Pega empowers government organizations to transform with a platform that enables the unification of enterprise applications―and application development. By maximizing process automation, agility, compliance and transparency, agencies gain the power to instantly respond to change and become a truly digital organization.

Pega Government Platform

  • Simplified, outcome-oriented architecture. With Pega, agencies establish a vision for the desired outcome and deliver the application in a series of small, iterative phases, each building upon the previous.
  • Direct capture of objectives. Reduce development time and functional miscommunication by incorporating business and IT objectives simultaneously. Embrace change and empower collaboration using familiar, business-friendly metaphors to define how a government process should work and how decisions should be made.
  • Specialize and reuse. Define specialized rules to handle changing program, geographical, or channel requirements, dynamically and in real time.
  • Lifecycle optimization. With end-to-end process automation driven by the intelligence to know the next best action, Pega applications free government resources from tedious, repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on higher value work.
  • Streamline data gathering. Built-in integration facilities make it easy to deliver the right information to cases and screens, where and when it is needed.
  • Omni-channel. With Pega, government conversations seamlessly transition across communication channels and devices without losing context. Develop once and deploy on as many devices, browsers and locales as needed.

Forrester TEI study

Forrester TEI Study

Pega 7 Platform delivers 321% ROI, a 75% development cost savings, and more according to the new Forrester Total Ecomonic Impact Study.

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The Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of the Pega 7 Platform...
Pega for Government
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Pega for Government

Engage constituents anytime, anywhere, and through any channel

The public increasingly expects outstanding customer service from government―they want to access services from any channel and through ‘any door’ regardless of agency. They also want service that is fast, quality and meets their specific needs.

While government requirements are unique and complex compared to those of the private sector, agencies can meet these increasing constituent expectations with the right digital platform.

Pega Customer Service in Government

  • Improve constituent satisfaction with Pega’s omni-channel service and proactive capabilities, to stay engaged without ever losing context.
  • Anticipate constituent needs with intelligent guidance, to simplify the steps for personalized service.
  • Deliver on government promises to constituents with Pega case management capabilities, to connect all the people and systems required to resolve an issue.
  • Focus on the end user, not on the system with Pega’s unified platform, to always keep applications up to date.

That way, no matter how constituents interact with government and which employee they communicate with, agencies always deliver a satisfying, efficient and accurate customer service experience.

Pega has helped government agencies like Texas County and District Retirement System (TCDRS), The Swedish Federation of Unemployment Insurance Funds and California Department of Public Health, as well as companies like Kaiser Permanente, American Express, and Farmers Insurance save tens of millions of dollars, increase First Contact Resolution rates by 50% and cut training costs by as much as 90%.

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TCDRS Delivers Superior Omni-Channel Customer Experience...
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Pega Customer Service Application
The State of Maine Embraces the Pega Cloud to Optimize...
Citizen Service

Certification and Licensing

Designed to leverage existing infrastructure, the Pega solution integrates easily with legacy systems, consolidating disparate systems, databases, spreadsheets, forms and checklists into end-to-end automated processes. Agencies can streamline the entire process from application intake to payments, reviews, renewals, enforcements, inspections, transfers and activity reporting. In addition, the solution is easily configured using familiar business tools so that agencies can rapidly create and manage new license types as well as immediately adapt to changes in agency and regulatory requirements.

  • Professional Licensing — Manage the total application process with a solution that automatically adapts to diverse customers, professions, geographies and regulations.
  • Marine Fishery — Ensure every angler and vessel is licensed for the right areas at the right time and the right type of fishing with intelligent processes that track compliance and enforcement.
  • Agriculture and Forestry — Automate inspection processes and manage the network of relationships in farming, manufacturing, distribution and sales with functionality tailored to agriculture regulators.
  • Public Health — Eliminate manual paperwork and ensure the accuracy and completeness of every application with Pega’s industry-leading case management, work automation and fast, simple integration.
  • Environmental Protection — Create a central repository for all of your critical permitting processes to manage every aspects of public and private environmental protection.
  • Public Safety — Offer seamless service and faster response with processes that automatically route tasks related to zoning, fire or other Certification and Licensing.

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Pega Certification and Licensing for Government
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Superior Customer Service

Superior Customer Service

See how TCDRS is delivering superior multi-channel customer experiences.

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