Alan is the Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Pega. Alan’s unique technology vision and relentless focus on customer success is changing the way many of the world’s leading enterprises do business in the digital age.

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Rafe Brown

Rafeal Brown

Rafeal E. Brown is Chief Financial Officer, Chief Administrative Officer, and Senior Vice President, Pega; he leads Pega’s Finance, Legal, IT,...Read more

Kerim Akgonul

Kerim Akgonul is the Senior Vice President of Products, responsible for our CRM, BPM, Case Management, Decisioning, Mobile, Customer Service,...Read more

Louis Blatt

Louis is Senior Vice President, Business Unit Management at Pega. He is a visionary software executive who develops and executes winning...Read more

Douglas Kra

Douglas Kra is Senior Vice President of Global Customer Success. In this role, he oversees Sales and Consulting for EMEA, APAC and Japan...Read more

Max Mayer

Max Mayer is Senior Vice President of Corporate Development for Pega, responsible for driving the company's integrated strategy and development...Read more

Mike Pyle

Mike Pyle is Senior Vice President of Engineering and Product Development at Pega. In this role, he is responsible for leading a growing...Read more

Robert Tas

Robert Tas is the Chief Marketing Officer and a Senior Vice President at Pega. He leads Pega’s marketing globally, including brand, advertising...Read more

Leon Trefler

Leon Trefler is Senior Vice President of Global Customer Success. In this role, he oversees Sales and Consulting for the Americas as well as...Read more

Jeff Yanagi

Jeff Yanagi is Pega’s Senior Vice President of Human Resources, responsible for all functions of the organization, including employment,...Read more


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Peter Gyenes

Peter Gyenes has been a Director of Pega since March 2009. He also serves on our Audit and Nominating Committees. Mr. Gyenes has four decades of...Read more

Richard Jones

Richard Jones joined Pega in October 1999, serving as President and Chief Operating Officer until September 2002. Mr. Jones was a part-time...Read more

Steven Kaplan

Steven Kaplan has been a Director of Pega since August 1999. In December 2000, he was elected a member of our Audit Committee, in April 2004, he...Read more

James O'Halloran

James O'Halloran has been a Director of Pega since 1999. In November of 2004, he was elected a member of our Audit and Nominating Committees,...Read more

Larry Weber

Larry Weber has been a Director of Pega since August 2012. In May 2013, he was elected a member of our Compensation and Nominating Committees...Read more

William Wyman

William Wyman has been a Director of Pega since June 2000. In December 2000, he was elected a member of our Audit Committee and served until...Read more


One of the objectives of Pega is to build a fast-growing, profitable enterprise that rewards our employees, shareholders, and partners. To achieve this, we must continuously earn the trust of our many stakeholders: employees, customers, partners, suppliers, shareholders, government officials, and the general public.

The tone for our actions is set by our board of directors and senior leadership team. We expect our employees, contractors, and partners to be team-oriented, take ownership, act with integrity, and value diversity. We strive to do the right thing, not because we are required to do it, because we want to do it.

We strive to comply with both the letter and spirit of applicable laws and regulations. To those ends, we have made our basic corporate-governance documents public so our stakeholders can know how we strive to act in all of our business actions.



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