BPM Leadership

Pegasystems is the only BPM company consistently ranked by analysts as the industry leader for the past five years, including both Forrester and Gartner. In addition, Pegasystems has been named as an overall leader in “Agile Business Application” by Yphise. Our flexibility and ability to grow with the needs of our customers have been key factors in this continued market leadership. Our commitment to innovation has enabled us to deliver mature, flexible, enterprise-ready BPM products that far surpass the offerings of other vendors. Please visit our Analyst Relations page to find out what analysts are saying about Pegasystems.

CRM Leadership

Pegasystems is a recognized leader in CRM by both Forrester and Gartner. More and more of the world’s leading companies are turning to Pegasystems to help manage the delivery of their customer experiences at every stage in the customer lifecycle. Our clients have implemented highly successful strategies for customer service, acquisition, cross-selling, up-selling and retention, enabling them to effectively align the needs of their customers with their business objectives. Many Pega clients have been recognized for excellence in their customer experience initiatives. To find out more about how Pegasystems helps organizations deliver the exceptional customer experience, please visit our Customer Relationship Management page.

Customer Success

Customers in every industry and around the world have achieved outstanding results and rapid ROI with Pega solutions. Pegasystems has set record attendance at its past two PegaWORLD conferences, which is a testament to the customer loyalty and trust built up over 27 years of service. The PegaWORLD Conference has become one of the largest, most successful events in the industry, providing business leaders with the opportunity to learn how Pega BPM and CRM can help transform their business operations. See highlights from PegaWORLD 2011.


Pegasystems produces the industry’s largest and constantly growing portfolio of build for change industry solutions. Teams of industry veterans and domain experts, frequently in collaboration with partners and clients, use Pega to capture new ways of addressing the critical problems unique to each industry. Since these are “build for change” solutions, clients can rapidly deploy and extend them for specific purposes and situations. Pega horizontal solutions, such as Case Management, CRM, Decision Management and BPM are of course also immediately applicable to virtually any industry. Clients have leveraged industry specific solutions and Pegasystems’ build for change capabilities in dozens of industries, from healthcare (payer and provider), financial services, manufacturing, oil and gas, education, insurance, travel and hospitality, life sciences, automotive and transport, warranty claims management, entitlement benefits managements for government agencies, personalized care management, communication service providers in telecommunications, retail, and airport facilities management. Pega’s unique architecture is ideally suited for the development and ongoing evolution of industry-specific solutions because it allows for granular and discrete specialization without compromising the ability to share and re-use capabilities across any industry. As a result, clients have come to depend on Pegasystems as a strategic partner and the key ingredient of their business transformation platform.


Gartner projects revenue in the business process management (BPM) market will grow at an average rate of 15%*. Pegasystems has been growing at more than twice that rate — despite an overall downturn in the global economy — because of the rapid return and tangible business benefits our customers have achieved with Pega software. We are able to support the needs of the world’s largest and leading organizations. With Pegasystems, organizations can start small and grow their Pega projects at their own pace, funding their business transformation one project at a time. To find out more please visit our Investor Relations page.

* Four Paths Characterize BPMS Market Evolution, Gartner, Inc., June 2008