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Pega Academy provides the optimum training solution for your project team. Supported by the latest cutting-edge learning techniques and tools, our Certified education experts provide world-class training to help your team succeed with Pega. We offer role-based training programs that include "real-life" project workshops, and we provide training anywhere, anytime in a variety of convenient delivery formats. We look forward to having you as a Pega Academy™ student this year. 

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Pega Academy™ offers training in a variety of delivery formats, providing our customers with the maximum level of flexibility to get training when and where they need it.

Public Classroom Training

Classroom training is a popular option for our customers. Pega Academy™ has worldwide Training Centers that offer comprehensive public schedules for our most popular courses. In our classrooms, students engage one-to-one with our Pega Certified Instructors as well as with their peers while participating in lectures and hands-on exercises, creating a stimulating learning environment. Students can register on PDN for the public training course of their choice.

Private Onsite Training

Our Pega Certified Instructors will travel to your site and deliver the training you need, when and where you need it. If you have a classroom and a team that you want to train together, this is a perfect option. Our instructor will come to your site, set up training laptops, deliver the class and break everything down when the training is complete.

Virtual Training

Virtual training is the same as Public Classroom training and Private Onsite Training except that you don’t have to leave your home or office to participate! Taught by our Pega Certified Instructors using our standard courseware, virtual students take advantage of cutting-edge technology to participate in training that is totally interactive from lectures to hands-on labs. Virtual training can also offer an outstanding opportunity for companies who have employees dispersed around the world to bring them together in the same class without the expense of travel. The class is still delivered in real time by a Pega Certified Instructor, and students can attend remotely but collaborate as if they were in the same room.


  • “You” and “your” refers to the individual or entity that has placed the order with Pegasystems Inc. (“Pegasystems”).
  • The term “products” refers to Pega Academy™ offerings which you have ordered.
  • The term “services” refers to the education services which you have ordered.
  • A “named user” is an individual authorized by you to use the products which are installed on a single server, regardless of whether the individual is actively using the product at any given time, and is not transferable.

Ordering/Registration Options

Pega Academy™ accepts customer orders for eLearning and student registrations for Instructor-Led Training services via our website or via the phone. You can call us directly with orders at: 617-866-6500.

Payment Options

You must provide a method of payment for public classes (virtual or classroom) before the class start date. Pegasystems reserves the right to refuse entry into class if no method of payment has been received.

Onsite customers must provide a signed Training Services Agreement/Schedule and method of payment before class delivery will be approved. Instructors do not make any travel arrangements until an agreement has been signed and a method of payment has been received. All payments for onsite classes are due thirty (30) days from the receipt of invoice. All training fees are non-cancellable and non-refundable.

Contact your regional business partner or Education Services at 1-617-866-6500 to confirm payment options.

Confirmation Process

Pega Academy™ will send you a registration acknowledgement email for all public Instructor–Led Training (classroom or virtual) registrations and a final confirmation email when payment has been received. Most travel information, including hotels and maps to training locations, are available on our website. Onsite customers will be provided with a services agreement, which when signed by both parties represents your confirmation.

Instructor-Led Training Waitlists

Pega Academy™ accepts participant requests for registration into fully booked public (classroom or virtual) Instructor-Led classroom or Virtual Training events. If space becomes available, participants will be placed into the class and notified. Participants will have 3 days to provide a method of payment or cancel; thereafter our standard cancellation policy will be applicable.

Fees, Taxes and Invoices

All fees payable to Pegasystems are due per the terms stated in your order. You agree to pay any sales, value-added or other similar taxes imposed by applicable law that Pegasystems must pay based on the products and/or services you ordered, except for taxes based on Pega’s income. Also, you will reimburse Pegasystems for reasonable expenses related to providing the services. Notwithstanding the preceding sentence, expenses for private/onsite classes shall be charged on a per diem basis as specified at the time of your order. Fees for services are exclusive of any government-required taxes and expenses.

You will be charged using the current pricing in effect at the time of your confirmed order placement.

Onsite pricing is only guaranteed if you have a signed contract with a valid commitment to pay within the contract validity period or a confirmed registration from Pegasystems.

For Pega Academy™ Instructor-Led classroom or virtual training you will be charged or invoiced after class attendance.

Public Class Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy

Pegasystems may cancel or reschedule a class at its discretion, and if it does, will use reasonable efforts to notify you at least one week in advance. You will not be charged for Pega’s cancellation or rescheduling. Please notify us as soon as possible of any changes in your scheduled training.

You must call Education Services @ 1-617-866-6500 to cancel or reschedule a class.

  • If you cancel or reschedule your class registration with 7 or more calendar days notice before the scheduled start of the class there will be no charge.
  • If you reschedule or cancel your class registration 1-6 calendar days before the scheduled start of the class, we will charge 50% of the class fee.
  • If you do not show up for your scheduled Pega class or cancel on the day of the event, we will charge 100% of the class fee.

This policy is effective May 15, 2010.

Onsite Class Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy

  • If you cancel your onsite class three weeks prior to the scheduled start we will charge 10% of the fixed fee.
  • If you cancel your onsite class two weeks prior to the scheduled start we will charge 20% of the fixed fee.
  • If you cancel your onsite class one week prior to the scheduled start we will charge 50% of the fixed fee.

Should you want to reschedule an onsite class, Pegasystems may increase the fixed fee by 5% if the rescheduled training date is within 90 days following the date of their signed Agreement, plus an additional 5% for every additional 90 days of elapsed delay following the date of the signed Agreement.

Student Materials

You must attend a Pega training class to receive our student materials. Pegasystems does not authorize the sale of Pega Academy™ student materials by third parties. Students that were unable to attend a confirmed class due to unforeseen reasons and have paid the 100% cancellation fee per the terms of the Class Cancellation Policy, may request a copy of the student materials used in conjunction with the class. Students must make this request to Pega Academy™ within 60 days of the originally scheduled class.

Instructor-Led Training Classroom Environment

Participants are requested to sign in 15 minutes before the start of class on the first day. Business casual attire is appropriate. Course materials and equipment are provided by Pega Academy™ .

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