The #1 RTIM software got even better. See how at PegaWorld.

Matthew Nolan,

As a martech practitioner, I’m constantly preaching about why the “real-time” in real-time interaction management (RTIM) is important – because it lets you read-and-react in the moment, understand a person’s context, and add color to their experience. When things are real-time, you can listen and stay human, and have actual conversations. Take it away and people notice.

That’s not just my opinion, either. Forrester considers data, analytics, and decisioning capabilities to be essential in a modern market. They believe that RTIM enables consistent, relevant, and timely customer experiences – and helps keep enterprise marketing tech aligned with the larger business ecosystem.

So at Pega, we’re very proud to be considered the industry-leader in this technology, and excited to announce that we’ve made the real-time capabilities in Pega Marketing™ and the Pega Customer Decision Hub™ even stronger.

We’ve introduced Next Best Action Designer to help business users build one-to-one engagement strategies faster using a wizard-based approach. Users just tell the system what they want to accomplish and which KPIs to prioritize, and the software builds out a best-practice strategy for them – including all the models, machine learning, tests, controls, targeting, and day-to-day optimization.

Companies can now personalize interactions at an even deeper level with Next-Best-Treatments, which use adaptive decisioning to optimize the style, look, and feel of the actions presented to each individual – by using AI to determine the best combination of text, creative, or call-to-action.

And with the 1:1 Operations Manager, users can build new next best actions and treatments quickly using a standardized approach. This will help get new clients up and running fast and make it easy for them to revise and deploy changes.

Come test-drive the newest digital RTIM tools at PegaWorld! See how Pega Marketing and Pega Customer Decision Hub simplify the work of building complex engagement strategies:

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About the Author

Matthew Nolan, director of marketing and decisioning at Pega, helps organizations streamline operations, maximize value with next best action intelligence, and orchestrate customer journeys. He is also regular keynote speaker who shares his professional insights on more than 17 years of marketing technology experience.