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Crash Course: From Insight to Action with Workforce Intelligence

Part 2 - Beyond workforce optimization: Transformation with workforce intelligence

  • February 6, 2019
  • 10:00 - 10:45 AM EST

Understanding people, process, and tech data is the foundation for digital transformation. However, it’s difficult knowing where to begin in gathering data and putting it into practice. Workforce optimization can get you partway to transformation, but what would happen if you added the power of AI-enabled analytics?

Join us as we discuss delivering the most value by better understanding the following:

  • How do employees get work done? Where can they be coached for improvement?
  • What adds unnecessary time and frustration to customer interactions?
  • Where is tech creating bottlenecks?



Tom King

Senior Director, Industry Principle, Pegasystems

Mr. King is a Sr. Director for Pega’s Insurance Industry Business Unit. In this role, Mr. King works with Pega clients to identify the issues the client is facing and works with the client to facilitate solutions. Additionally, Mr. King plays a role in setting the direction of Pega’s insurance market and development/partnership efforts.

Mr. King has 25+ years of experience in the insurance industry, both as an insurer and as a consultant to the industry. Much of his career has been dedicated to helping insurers leverage technology in conjunction with defining business strategy and addressing issues facing the industry.

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Nolan Greene

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Robotic Automation, Pegasystems

Nolan Greene is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Pega Robotic Automation and Pega Workforce Intelligence, focusing on go-to-market vision and strategy for digital process automation, robotic automation, and workforce intelligence. A former industry analyst, he brings over 6 years of digital transformation expertise to Pega.

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Chuck Miller

Director, Workforce Intelligence Product Manager, Pegasystems

Chuck Miller is the Director, Workforce Intelligence Product Manager at Pega. He is responsible for the product direction, implementation services and overall customer success for Workforce Intelligence. Prior to coming to Pegasystems in April 2015, Chuck was responsible for a large implementation of Pega robotics at a large insurance payer. He has worked over two decades in either leading operational areas or leading IT organizations responsible for developing technology for operational areas.

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