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Crash Course: From Insight to Action with Workforce Intelligence

Part 1 - Demystifying the desktop: What workforce intelligence reveals

  • February 5, 2019
  • 10:00 - 10:30 AM EST

Workforce intelligence not only empowers organizations to obtain insight into how employees spend their time, but also to understand capacity, identify hidden challenges, and target areas for improvement.

What can workforce intelligence teach you about your employees? Our researchers had the very same question.

Join us as we discuss findings from Pega’s recent report on workforce intelligence, featuring:

  • What our researchers learned about employees’ work, productivity, and satisfaction
  • How workforce intelligence data impacts digital transformation
  • The real-world implications of using workforce intelligence



Chuck Miller

Director, Workforce Intelligence Product Manager, Pegasystems

Chuck Miller is the Director, Workforce Intelligence Product Manager at Pega. He is responsible for the product direction, implementation services and overall customer success for Workforce Intelligence. Prior to coming to Pegasystems in April 2015, Chuck was responsible for a large implementation of Pega robotics at a large insurance payer. He has worked over two decades in either leading operational areas or leading IT organizations responsible for developing technology for operational areas.

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