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Is RPA dead? The future of automation in digital transformation

In recent memory, robotic process automation (RPA) has seemed like the answer to all troubles. But RPA quick fixes perpetuate legacy system problems, leaving broken customer experiences in their wake. RPA as you know it may soon be dead and gone. However, it will live a new life alongside other transformation-critical tools – low-code development, case management, and artificial intelligence – in digital process automation (DPA). Join us for our webinar series on the future of RPA.

Webinars in this series

RPA 101

Session 1: October 29, 2019

Expectation vs. reality: Three critical RPA mistakes

Not all processes are fit for automation. Join us to learn how to effectively deploy RPA.

RPA & Customer Engagement

Session 2: October 30, 2019

Start, scale, and succeed at RPA: Have your cake and eat it too

RPA on its own isn’t transformational. It’s just one slice of a larger strategy.

RPA Adoption Trends Across Industries

Session 3: October 31, 2019

Is digital process automation the answer to your business-IT collaboration prayers?

Join us for a discussion about how business and IT can stop clashing and start collaborating.

Transforming digital automation

  • Whiteboard Video

    Go beyond deploying bots or automating tasks. Think end to end and put customer outcomes front and center.

  • White Paper

    Learn how digital process automation (DPA) allows organizations to thoughtfully empower broader transformation and automation strategies.

  • Blog

    Get a fresh start on your digital process automation by analyzing your workforce productivity.

What can DPA really do for your business?

Start your DPA journey with our patented attended automation. Personal bots offer the speed and precision you need to drive optimal customer outcomes and industry-leading ROI.