When: August 29 12:00pm EDT - August 29 12:30pm EDT

As manufacturers pivot toward customer-first operating models, digitizing business functions becomes mission critical. Digitization enables the agility needed to respond to change, speeds metrics like time-to-value and time-to-market, and empowers manufacturers to meet their customers in real-time, in any channel, in order to proactively respond to their needs.

Most enterprises, however, continue to struggle with digital transformation, largely because they haven’t automated the processes that support customer journeys. Breakdowns in processes like parts and service scheduling, pricing, returns, and warranties disrupt customer journeys.

Despite the challenges, high-tech leaders like Cisco are succeeding at digital transformation by focusing on the customer and embracing both traditional business process management (BPM) and digital process automation (DPA) platforms.

Join us on August 29th to learn more about Cisco’s approach to digital process automation and digital transformation, including:

  • How Cisco is approaching customer experience and customer journeys
  • How Cisco has made its legacy ERP platform more agile
  • How Cisco established real-time “sense & respond” across their global service supply chain, and the outcomes they achieved as a result
  • How business and IT are partnering to power this transformation

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