Webinar Series: Overcoming Agile Development Challenges

Let's face it, the traditional approach of implementing IT projects does not produce business value fast enough! So why do some organizations hold on to old models when agile is the latest mainstream methodology?

This webinar series addresses the most common pain points customers experience when transitioning to agile. You’ll see how Pega’s technology complements agile best practices, so your transition is faster and smoother for all stakeholders.


Defining Agile Change Control

Learn how change control fits within the agile development lifecycle.

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Powerful User Story Practices

How do you translate old requirements into a meaningful backlog of user stories?

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Building an Effective Scrum Team

Learn who should be on a scrum team and how to staff one to achieve your goals.


Getting Started With Agile Scrum

What are the key considerations, enablement approaches, and practical tips on how to get started with agile?


Getting to "Done"

What is the definition of “done” when change is anticipated and welcomed?


Managing Offshore Relationships

Learn how to overcome the challenges of cultural differences and time zone issues.


Agile Metric Mythbusters

Join this webinar to learn more about what to measure, how to measure it, and what it all means.


Testing in Scrum

Join this webinar to learn what tools and practices are available for testing.


Agile Best Practices

Transitioning to agile is a journey. Join this webinar and tackle what makes agile transitions successful.