Infosys Solutions Showcase

Infosys Solutions Showcase

Infosys is a global leader in consulting, technology, and outsourcing solutions. As a proven partner focused on building tomorrow's enterprise, Infosys enables clients in more than 30 countries to outperform the competition and stay ahead of the innovation curve. With US$8.25bn in FY14 revenues and 160,000+ employees, we provide enterprises with strategic insights on what lies ahead. We help enterprises transform and thrive in a changing world through strategic consulting, operational leadership, and the co-creation of breakthrough solutions, including those in mobility, sustainability, big data, and cloud computing.

We invite you to watch Infosys’ latest videos that describe key client challenges and our joint solution offerings, with real-world case study examples. Discover how Infosys – together with Pega – can help your organization reap tangible results from the powerful combination of Pega industry-leading technology innovation and top-tier industry solution offerings.

Hear how Pega and Infosys are delivering digital transformation to clients. View video

Partner Insights | 4:33

BPM Solutions: Mohamed Anis

See How Pega and Infosys can help your organization reap tangible results from industry-leading technology innovation and top-tier solution offerings.

Partner Insights | 2:13

Driving Customer Centricity

See How Pega and Infosys are partnering for customer centricity.


VPAS® Customer Service Work Desk (CSWD) | Developed using CPMi framework, CSWD is a fully integrated Customer Service and Workflow system that provides unified & 360° view of the customers, even if the customer/policy details are hosted on multiple systems of record. Skill based routing, End to End processing and Drill down reporting helps in gaining significant operational efficiencies and reducing the agent onboarding time.

Contact: Thomas Olacz


Infosys Loan Origination Platform (iLOP) | An Omni channel platform designed to automate the loan origination lifecycle that eliminates paper work and with the digitization aids loan processing teams to deliver increased operational efficiency, processing agility to deliver enhanced customer experience.

Contact: Himanshu Arora


Infosys Code Review Exception Diagnostics & Insights Tool (CREDIT) | CREDIT is a robust technology framework that provides a set of diagnostic tools to evaluate Pega application codebase and Pega Platform. These diagnostic tools cover both the Build and Platform health. This tool provides information to design and development team about the quality of the code and areas which need to be improved for better maintainability and performance. It also provides insight in to Pega Platform health which can be leveraged to ensure better quality of a Pega application build.

Contact: Susanto Kumar De


Infosys Complaints Resolution System | A unique framework to automate customer complaints resolution process for different lines of business in the industries like retail, finance and services. It will handle the complaints from various sources like mobile, email , social media etc. and improve the resolution time and customer satisfaction.

Contact: Himanshu Arora


Infosys Enterprise Telecom Order Platform (e-TOP) | Infosys Enterprise Telecom Order Platform enables Communication Service Providers to rapidly build an order management solution that has the right degree of agility in-built to guide sales agents to make the right offer to the right customer, fulfill orders on time and resolve & prevent billing disputes to keep customers happy. e-TOP solution thus helps organizations achieve Operational Efficiency and improve satisfaction through all the stages of customer journey.

Contact: Jagdish Vasishtha


Infosys Pega Refresh Kit | Infosys Pega Refresh Kit is a comprehensive set of tools and methodologies to anticipate challenges and complexities involved in Pega platform upgrades. Infosys Pega Refresh Kit performs, both quantitative and qualitative analysis of existing Pega application to provide insight in to amount of customization, effort estimate, known problems of upgrade, to make the upgrade more predictable. Infosys Refresh Kit also includes a well-defined upgrade methodology to ensure successful delivery of Pega Upgrades.

Contact: Himanshu Arora