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Cognizant, a Pega Platinum Partner, has developed a comprehensive methodology for upgrading PRPC integrating the best practices and tools offered by Pega with Cognizant’s BPM acumen and in-house IP based tools. As a trusted partner of the Pega-Partner Innovation Center, Cognizant will support the Pega-Partner Innovation Center initiative for product upgrades. Through this program, Cognizant will help maximize existing applications more quickly and cost-effectively, while enabling clients to take optimal advantage of Pega upgrade features.

Cognizant’s upgrade approach:

  • Enables faster PRPC upgrades
  • Leverages and complements Pega’s OOTB offerings across all phases of implementation through Cognizant’s proprietary upgrade accelerators
  • Standardizes the migration effort estimation process for reliable budgeting
  • Enables compliance and adherence with PRPC best practices
  • Mitigates implementation risks through our deep insight into Pega platforms

To note: Cognizant, a Pega Platinum Partner, has been engaged with Pega since 1999, deploying hundreds of successful Pega version client upgrades and hundreds of Pega solution deployments worldwide, more than any other Pega partner to date.

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