Pega Distribution Management for Insurance

Pega Distribution Management is an insurance sales platform designed to help carriers elevate channel production in today’s ever-changing digital economy. Carriers can meet the competition head on by helping every Sales professional execute like your best.


Upskill Performance and Drive Premium

Significant business growth pressure, intense competition for renewals, new entrants driving product innovation, and digital disruption require a new way of customer engagement and distribution channel management. Learn how insurers are optimizing their distribution channel in this Pega ebook.

The new customer engagement approach requires more than sales automation tools. It requires agents and sales management to have meaningful insight into prospect and policyholder needs. Pegasystems Sales Automation for Insurance provides superior agent sales tools combined with artificial intelligence and predictive analytics that:

  • Prioritize leads and opportunities ensuring timely and effective sales engagement
  • Utilize AI-driven guidance to provide expert advice on the optimal product offer and selling strategy
  • Provide metrics for managers ensure effective sales training, refine marketing activities, and evaluate channel productivity

The tools that actually help agents close business better and faster are here. With Pega Sales Automation for insurance, agents get insights driven by AI, and the guidance they need to assess and manage leads to close more business. And with the portfolio insight tools, management has instant insight into the activities of all their agents – letting them select risk, provide guidance and drive portfolio profitability.

5 Ways to Empower Insurance Producers for Digital-Age Success

Addressing Distribution Needs in a Digital Age

As digital capabilities impact both customer and agent expectations - insurers must transform how they manage their agents and give them the tools and support they need to be successful.

In this journey the right tools can make all the difference in:

  • Improving agent/agency retention and management capabilities
  • Improving agent effectiveness and productivity
  • Driving premium growth

The new model must provide agents with the digital tools needed to help them craft the right solution for the client, collaborate with underwriting and field offices, and provide insight to the agent that often only comes after years of selling experience.

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"We’re re-defining how we interact with our agents and how the agent interacts with their customers, the insured."

Bob Noddin, President and CEO, AIG Japan Holdings


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