Case Study

Transavia Creates Memorable Experiences With Pega CRM

Enabling a 360-degree view of the passenger | 3:09

The Business Issue

For more than 50 years, Transavia has been The Netherlands' friendly airline. To sustain its competitive positioning, Transavia couldn't merely survive on being a low-cost service provider. The airline also had to provide an end-to-end customer experience superior to its largest competitors around the world. To deliver on this strategic objective, Transavia needed an intelligent interaction platform to break down organizational silos and sufficiently equip employees at all customer touch points to make smart decisions based on relevant data.

The Solution

With Pega CRM, Transavia built Transavia Interaction Platform (TIP). Armed with smart data, Transavia employees are now able to offer relevant services and sales throughout the entire customer journey. TIP does this by providing a 360-degree view of the passenger, which empowers the airline's staff to recognize individuals' needs before and after their time on board. With TIP, Transavia provides a memorable experience for its passengers and a distinct competitive advantage for its business.

The Results

  • Single source of truth for passenger data, flight data, and employee data
  • Provides each passenger with a contextual, consistent experience
  • Empowers all employees to function as front-office employees
  • Eliminated back-office functions
  • Other vertical industry

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