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The next best ideas in digital transformation.

Jeff Nicholson

A smart tech strategy for CCPA and future data privacy regulations


Baruch Sachs and Leanne Russell

Pega Catalyst™: Applying design thinking principles to speed digital transformation


Charlie Keating

Pega Infinity™: Empowering an ecosystem for engagement


Carolyn Rostetter

4 critical factors of digital process automation

Pega Infinity

Leanne Russell

Pega Infinity™: Welcome to the next generation digital transformation suite

How to run a (great!) hackathon

Bhavna Balani

How to run a (great!) hackathon

Five free courses that could change your career

Don Schuerman

Five free courses that could change your career

Meghan Atkins

Lessons Learned in UI Testing

The adaptive digital factory

Dr. Setrag Khoshafian

The adaptive digital factory - Omni-device customers and manufacturers