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Transform the way you do marketing. Enhance the customer experience.

With how effective Pega Marketing is, your customers will think you have some magic up your sleeves. We know better.

We know it’s artificial intelligence that transforms marketing programs, and our machine learning and predictive models enable you to make the best decision at every action.

As for transparency and privacy, the Pega T-Switch™ gives you the control you need with AI so you can always explain the decisions you make.


Speaker 1: Hi Kara. Yeah, I know your name. You know who else knows your name? Your mobile carrier. You got a great rate on your new plan for the family, right? New phones for you, the kids and Bob. Bob loves his phone Kara. He really loves it. You know how you got that great rate? It wasn't easy.

Speaker 1: Let's introduce you to Mike Sanders, Senior Director of Customer Retention and Base Maintenance. He had to transform the way your provider does marketing. No, not that kind of marketing. Nobody does that kind of marketing anymore. Mike knew his marketing was broken. He was wasting money sending out millions of generic offers and he wasn't making you a happy customer. So Mike decided to fix it. Gutsy move, Mike. Here's how it all went down. More or less.

Speaker 1: He realized he had to stop marketing to segments. To do this, he needed a secret weapon, a fixer, if you will. A little something called Pega Marketing built on AI, Artificial Intelligence. No, not that kind of AI. Real AI. Moving AI. The kind that crunches millions of data points and delivers exactly the right experience to exactly the right customer. Yes, to you, Kara. You're exactly the right customer. But don't get cocky. This is important.

Speaker 1: Pega Marketing gave Mike the power to transform the way he markets. It uses fancy schmancy tech like machine learning and predictive models to figure out exactly what you and your family want and will hit you up before you even start shopping around.

Speaker 1: And Pega does this all with transparency and privacy baked in. So Mike can always explain to you and to this guy, how and why he's making the marketing decisions he did. Pega Marketing isn't just for wireless companies. Your health plan, your bank, the airline flying that plane, they all use Pega Marketing to make the best decision at every interaction. Pretty cool, huh? You know what that means, Kara?

Speaker 2: You win.


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