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CIO Review: 20 Most Promising Manufacturing Tech Solution Providers

In a strikingly competitive market with ample solution providers, Pegasystems rides high with its hands-on approach that not only executes exactly what the client desires but also saves time and money. The company’s combination of platform and adaptable, pre-built manufacturing applications—such as Warranty and Field Service—enable the creation of new processes by leveraging existing solutions. “Unlike methods of the past where large solutions were built to big budgets, Pega’s environment enables you to build small solutions quickly, generating the incremental creation of value using lean and agile methods, which is more cost effective. Even the business user is able to build and customize apps quickly to meet their needs,” explains Williams.

Pegasystems’ Build for Change model is a landmark in today’s enterprise software market. This model differs from the conventional process of buying a toolkit like Java or customizing a pre-built solution from an ERP or Manufacturing Execution System (MES) provider. “With supply chain and manufacturing demands constantly in states of flux, new generation CIOs must aim for a symbiosis between their core classic IT and new innovative platforms,” says Williams. Pegasystems bridges this gap perfectly by filling the space which falls between legacy systems of the past and today’s innovations. This is reflected in the company’s mobility solutions that allow real-time, as well as offline capabilities for field or remote workers, enabling tremendous business change.


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