Anthem: Delivering a caring, effortless customer experience

Hear how Anthem empowered its associates to connect with customers at a very personal level.

Learn how your IT and business departments can partner to deliver frictionless customer service.

Watch the full PegaWorld 2018 keynote to learn more about Anthem's drive to deliver industry-leading personalized customer experience.


Speaker 1: So when we think about our service experience vision, it is really to develop a caring, effortless one touch experience.

Speaker 2: And became clear to us, the burden was on our associates, our service associates and also our customers. Our associates would have to exit an application and go to many other applications, piece together information, so if you put yourself in the customer's shoes, you're either on hold while that is occurring, or there is a period of silence where they are not engaged with our agent while they're piecing together information.

Speaker 1: There's a couple of common themes that came to mind. For us, it's about how do we develop personalized proactive communication? How dow do we get ahead of our customers and let them know what's going on before they even need to contact us? Ho we empower them to interact with us the way they want to, when they want to, that if they do have to call us and talk to one of our associates, that our associates are completely enabled with the tools and resources to answer their questions with confidence and accuracy in that moment, to be empowered, to take care of them and to be really listening and empathetic and connecting with them on a very personal level.

Speaker 2: Understanding intent, next best action, robotic automation, knowledge management was incredibly helpful for us and be able to free up the associates' time to connect with people in the moment.

Speaker 1: Solutions central powered by PEGA is going to a car and here we've got some folks who love cars here, to flying a jet. It's a pretty powerful statement when your frontline associate is telling you how much they appreciate the tools that you're giving them. Our associate training is reduced by half. The benefit of reducing this training time by having a system that's much much more intuitive, is about helping build their confidence, that they're gonna be able to serve our customers well. So while it's a great cost savings, it's also a great associate retention tool for us. We saw a 100 second decrease in handle time and again, a great potential cost savings but for me, that's about being respectful of a customer's time.


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