Social Isn’t the First Evolution in Customer Service, and it Won’t Be the Last

“What’s your social strategy?” is now the “in” question for customer service executives at Communications Service Providers.   The explosive growth of social media has driven providers to re-think their customer service strategies, and consider the implications of a more social and connected world.  The implications of ‘social’ on customer service are huge:  once private conversations are now held in a public forum, the power of word of mouth has been significantly amplified, and power has shifted – in a big way – to the customer.

But for customer service executives the really big question shouldn’t be “what’s your social strategy”. It should be “how do we prepare for what’s next?”.  

Since the beginning of time, companies have responded to face-to-face customer contact.  In the last few hundred years they’ve had to respond to letters in the mail. In the last 75 years they’ve added phone support.  In the last 20 years email has become popular.  And, now in the last five years they’ve started engaging hundreds of millions of customers via social media.   Innovation around communication between companies and customers is not only continuing, but it is accelerating.  The next new channel in customer service will be bigger, and emerge faster, than anything we’ve seen to date.

So while you address your “social strategy” (and BTW you should, it’s not a fad IMHO), you need to also ensure that you are putting the infrastructure in place to be ready to respond to the “next big thing” in customer communication.   Today we’re announcing our Service Case Management for Communications solution at Pega.  This advanced solution is designed to address the challenge of providing a consistent experience across today’s channels, and help them get ready for the channels of the future with Build for Change® technology.   Whatever the channel, whatever the product, and whatever the process, our technology ensures that your response will always be consistent, timely, and cost-effective.  

Facebook, the world’s most popular social network, will soon announce that it has 700 million users.  700 million in around seven years is an incredible growth rate.  It’s hard to believe that anything can ever grow faster than that, but if history is any guide, it’s going to happen. Be ready.