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Infosys is a global leader in technology services and consulting. We enable clients in 45 countries to create and execute strategies for their digital transformation. From engineering to application development, knowledge management and business process management, we help them find the right problems to solve, and to solve these effectively. Our team of 200,000+ innovators, across the globe, is differentiated by the imagination, knowledge, and experience, across industries and technologies, that we bring to every project we undertake. The way we innovate is through Zero Distance: A ground-up, grassroots approach to ensure that every developer, manager, analyst and architect is at “Zero Distance” – to the end user, to the underlying technology, and therefore to the value.

Infosys’ Digital Process Automation (DPA) combines the power of BPM (Business Process Management), RPA (Robotic Process Automation), and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to transform the business value chain. Our suite of software and services, together with our rich partner ecosystem, helps companies to drive greater business efficiency and deliver on world class customer service. Business Process Automation and optimization forms the core of DPA-led transformations.

Infosys has invested significantly in developing the capabilities to succeed in the next stage of BPM evolution – Digital Process Automation (DPA). DPA understanding revolves around low-code development, consumer-grade user experiences, and AI-based innovation. We aim to extend that through combining the power of robotics with AI on top of BPM capabilities, creating deep and higher value to our client business processes.

Infosys’ DPA Amplify platform helps enterprises in enabling experiences while strengthening operations by digitizing the core. It helps to build efficient and automated digital operations, whilst enabling a superior digital experience. This comprehensively is a set of synergistic capabilities that help enterprises succeed in this fact moving digital world, react quickly to market opportunities, consistently produce delightful customer experiences, and simplify legacy business operations.

Attend one of our sessions and join us in the Tech Pavilion for a demo. Find more details on the PegaWorld 2018 Agenda page.

Infosys Sessions

Transforming claims handling with a next gen digital solution ensuring insurance organization are future ready. Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty (AGCS), along with Infosys as its strategic IT partner, is transforming claims as a strategic function by digitizing, automating, and rationalizing legacy systems to deliver a unified global claims platform. Join Walter Rieger, Global Program Director, Front Office Programs for AGCS, and Mohan Babu, AVP and Portfolio Head for Insurance – Europe, at Infosys, to learn how Pega Platform has helped in this transformation journey, and also how analytics, RPA, and machine learning are some areas that are being leveraged in the evolutionary process.

Infosys Demos

Demos will take place in the Tech Pavilion

Digital Insurer: Infosys Digital Customer Service Platform helps insurers make better decisions, automate processes, and deepen connections with customers and employees. The Platform leverages Pega Decision Hub, Robotic Process Automation, Text Analytics, and Natural Language Processing to enable the insurer to have a clear view of customer interactions and aid the customer service representative to offer enhanced customer service experience through enhanced automation, faster turnaround times, and customer centricity.

Infosys Pega Digital Government Platform: Learn how Infosys Pega Digital Government Platform helps to amplify both citizen potential and citizen experience (CzX). This demo will demonstrate Infosys’ potential in improving business processes in the public sector. It aims to deliver a system that increases productivity, customer service, and change management by automating business processes. Currently businesses are spending significant time to process Visa applications, Business Licenses, Fraud Management, Community Dispute, and Child Safety. This leads to decreasing productivity and customer satisfaction. Significant time will be reduced by implementing features such as machine learned chat bots, application program interface for reviewing business applications, and block chain for Visa processing.

Green Digital Bank: Learn how Infosys is building a “Green” digital bank with personalized customer experience using omni-channel management Amplifying the power of Pega platform for OCR capabilities, robotic automation, co-browse, chatbot, and AI capabilities enhanced customers’ happiness index collaborating digital ecosystem and decision making strategy.

Digitizing Provider Credentialing: Before a provider or organization (practice) can bill an insurance carrier, the provider must first be credentialed by the carrier. This demo showcases digitizing one of the many steps in the process – provider verification – by leveraging Pega Robotics to reduce turnaround time for background checks on individual practitioners or a group of practitioners for a practice group.

Customer Intent Driven Intelligent Automation for B2B Order Management: B2B order management digitized and optimized, thus enhancing efficiency and amplifying customer experience through:

  • BPM & Robotics based process orchestration/automation.
  • Channel-independent customer interactions.
  • Text analytics and NLP driven email channel.
  • Desktop robotic agents enable human agents deliver customer delight.
  • Robotics process agents that help integrate with applications without support APIs, services.
  • Instant response chatbots that drastically reduce wait times.
  • Decision strategy driven case routing, offers.

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  • Learn about Digital Process Automation and how Infosys’ suite of software and services, together with a rich partner ecosystem, helps companies drive greater business efficiency and deliver world class customer service.
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