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What is one of the most important capabilities organizations need to thrive in the near future?


A constant stream of new products, digital channels, devices, and changing markets is putting pressure on IT departments for habitual upgrades to systems, apps, and integrations. It’s also pressuring organizations to be flexible in how they structure and restructure their workforce. One way organizations are tackling these challenges is by implementing robotic automations into the workflow – we refer to this as the “digital workforce.” But automations alone won’t make an organization more agile. It’s how those automations are integrated and managed that matter.

Visibility, orchestration, and governance of digital work is imperative to reaching customer outcomes, as is bridging gaps in existing legacy systems. And enterprises that adopt smart processes and a flexible approach to managing their digital workforce will be positioned to achieve better outcomes – providing customer experiences that surprise and delight with the operational agility to proactively respond to change.

The digital workforce requires a new way of managing automation.

Automations do not exist in a vacuum. They exist within end-to-end processes that also involve humans. As such, digital leaders need the agility to stop, start, schedule, and move automations between tasks as workflows change. While robots can work 24/7 without taking a break, they may not be needed for all 24 hours or be needed to work on the same task. Just as human roles change all the time, the most effective bot programs will be characterized by a similar flexibility.

Additionally, to keep up with change, human and bot coexistence will only need to grow stronger. For operational leaders, this means knowing where your bots are and making sure they are receiving and handing off work from humans and systems seamlessly. And more than ever before, a single, unified platform for digital process automation is a necessity.

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