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Actionable Insights for Service & Sales

Most businesses today use CRM applications that only provide managers with a tiny window into their team’s performance, tracking high-level sales goals or customer satisfaction benchmarks, with little ability to tie these measures to the work employees are actually doing. This incomplete picture means that managers often overlook inherent operational and employee inefficiencies that they simply don’t know exist. These problems subtly and quietly reduce effectiveness, erode revenues, and degrade the customer experience, such as:

  • Needless toggling between dozens of required apps that slows staff responsiveness
  • Misplaced employee focus on activities that produce sub-optimal results
  • Lagging IT networks and inefficient apps that frustrate employees and waste time
  • Unidentified best practices that only the highest performers know to leverage
  • Excessive reporting and meeting demands that overload schedules with low-value work

Instead of just tracking high level KPI’s, businesses need a CRM system that can understand how users are getting work done, even in applications outside the core CRM application, so they can fine tune their systems and optimize business processes that are currently hidden from view.

Pega’s Workforce Intelligence uses robotic automation and AI to understand how sales and service agents work and how the apps and processes work for them. By combining these insights with CRM performance data, organizations have the unprecedented ability to not only identify masked inefficiencies but also realize how they directly affect agent performance and customer experience.

Get the whole picture on blockers and opportunities to deliver better service

Within Pega Customer Service, Workforce Intelligence provides a visual dashboard that provides Service Managers views into 3 key areas of delivering effective service.

  • Performance: the concentration of activities relative to the specific business outcome, such as NPS. Managers are able to further drill down to within each of the activity areas, such as opportunities to coach and learn, to understand what are the blockers and what actions to take to improve rep performance.
  • Application Utilization: The breakout of the various external applications leveraged by the level of use, to identify key systems for improvement.
  • Opportunity Finder: Potential targets for robotic automation to simplify the employee experience and improve efficiency.
  • Timeline View: Sequence of tasks performed by every employee shows areas of producitiviy in-efficiencies and/or blockers that can be maximized to re-direct focs on customers. Can also be used to unlock the activity patterns of high performers.

Unifying Workforce Intelligence into Pega Customer Service allows service managers to not only reinforce effective activities but the ability to simplify the employee experience via Robotic Automation.

Find your top performers and unlock insights that lead to better sales outcomes

Within Pega Sales Automation, Workforce Intelligence delivers visual dashboard that provides Sales Managers views into activities that are driving business outcomes as well as the utilization of the applications that support these activities.

Sales Managers get insights and guidance to understand what drives effectiveness and provide coaching for the team as well as remove blockers such as excessive meetings or cumbersome applications.

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