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The Internet of Things is having a tremendous impact cross all industries, especially in terms of monetization and business values. IoT, like the Internet, will be widely distributed and entail coordination between many technologies – from the edge all the way up to robust solutions. Smart connected solutions are poised to have a great impact on fields like CRM, Digital Transformation, and manufacturing.

Pega addresses the higher business and monetization focused levels of the IoT stack: data analytics, mobile applications, and end-to-end collaboration of people within digitized business processes.

PegaWorld 2016 provided a great overview of device connectivity solutions (aka IoT technology) in various industries, powered by Pega. In one of his keynotes at Pegaworld 2016, Alan Trefler, CEO and founder of Pegasystems, explained the Pega vision as it relates to the Fourth Industrial Revolution and to Industry 4.0. He highlighted various connectivity solutions use cases: Connected Health, Connected Lifestyle, Connected Cars, and Machine Health.

Pega is a proud member of the Industrial Internet Consortium. Pega will also be at the IoT Solutions World Congress - presenting on the Adaptive Digital Enterprise and showing a connected experience demo with our partner, Tech Mahindra.

For more information on Pega and IoT, be sure to look through the assets in this resource guide.

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