Sales & Onboarding

Sales and Marketing Analytics

Sales and marketing analytics drive more revenue

Sales Automation leverages Pega Marketing to identify the top offers and actions to drive each rep’s book of business. This means you can turn every customer interaction into an opportunity to build trust and value including: acquisition, retention, upsell, cross-sell, and nurture strategies.

Scale your sales efforts

Anticipate and influence your client or prospect’s next action with unified marketing campaigns and analytic capabilities.

Marketing campaigns are designed to engage clients and prospects across all channels and ensure prospecting and retention efforts are scalable as well as relevant.

Turn sales and CRM data into action

Using data from a variety of sources, such as product/service databases, customer online behavior, social media data, or customer service requests, predictive and adaptive models develop sales strategies that guide rep actions and generate offers that have the highest propensity to close.

Combined with rules and alerts, analytics, sales strategy and marketing campaigns generate more pipeline, improve sales productivity, and drive cross-sell and up-sell.

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Sales Automation