Pega Cloud Services

Pega Cloud Services


Pega Cloud Services accelerates and simplifies the development and delivery of strategic applications.  It provides customers with:

  • Pega 7 platform and strategic application software and licenses
  • Enterprise-grade infrastructure with global reach
  • Hardened security backed by compliance attestations
  • Continuous lifecycle support for software and provided services

Resiliency / backup

Pega Cloud Services can provide customers with peace of mind through built-in continuity and data replication.  Should there be service disruption or failure of some sort, Pegasystems is a trusted partner by offering full data recovery through various levels of backup and redundancy for customer data.

Data management

Data management is business as usual for Pega Cloud Services customers where customers are able to access mission critical data from other systems and access them from within strategic applications running on the Pega 7 platform.   In addition, data stored within Pega based application can also be shared outside of the Pega platform.


Customers are not alone. Pegasystems experts are constantly monitoring Pega Cloud customer's infrastructure for integrity, system performance, and resource utilization.  Customers can further benefit from proactive database monitoring and tuning that support availability and performance.  Customers are empowered in their ability to self-manage the health of their applications through the Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud (PDC), the System Management Application (SMA), and application logs.


Pega applications can easily be integrated with other systems and applications, through connectors or services that provide information from Pega applications to external systems, and also enable Pega Cloud-enabled applications to request information from external systems.

“The cloud was great in order to allow us to move forward very, very quickly and mobilize very, very quickly.”

Access Control

Pega Cloud Services helps customers prevent unauthorized access to any environment (development/test, pre-production, and production).


Pega Cloud Services provides a secure and robust infrastructure that promotes high levels of security and data integrity. Within this environment, customers are provided with virus protection, continuous security monitoring, vulnerability and security management, encryption of data at rest, and sandbox environments that can be hibernated to save costs and block threats.  This environment is managed by Pega Cloud's dedicated security team who focus on compliance, security monitoring, and security event response.


Pega gives customers options for secure connections to their Pega Cloud environment

  • Internet Only – simply uses a secure internet connection for user access as well as connections for integrating with other systems
  • Traditional virtual private network (VPN) a connection that provides network tunneling into your corporate intranet
  • Both internet and VPN for those customers that require the benefits of both options to support how they need to access their applications and data
“It's about, say 12 weeks all in all for the general release. The time to market was really outstanding for us.”

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