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Pega Robotic Automation Partner Sales Enablement Workshop Template

  • October 1, 2018
  • 13:30 - 19:00

Driving Business Outcomes with Pega Robotic Automation Solutions

The market for RPA is drastically changing - and challenging at the same time. Many of your clients struggle with finding a starting point on investing in RPA solutions that drives the highest ROI. Almost all analysts agree, RPA alone is not getting customers to scale and in this session, we will discuss how Pega Infinity ™ is a significant differentiator with DPA and Robotics combined, driving some of the largest implementations globally, and helping both clients and partners break through this conundrum. We’ll also go through global pricing and bundling options.

This partner workshop is a practical conversation designed to provide you with the tools to help your clients to realize the full potential that robotic automation plays in driving their business goals and the place it plays in their digital transformation journey.

Please join us for what will surely be an enjoyable, informative, and heavily interactive session, featuring Robotics Automation market expert, and OpenSpan co-founder, Francis Carden. You will learn more about Pega’s DPA and Automation solutions, with a focus on:

  • The business outcomes driven by the Pega Robotic Automation, across all industries
  • Connecting artificial intelligence, decision management, machine learning and robotics all together – and the impact these concepts have on how businesses interact with customers today.
  • The services opportunity for Partners of integrating Pega’s Robotic Automation into client offerings.


Francis Carden

VP, Robotics and Transformation, Pegasystems

Francis Carden was one of the original founders of OpenSpan, a Robotic Automation and Workforce Intelligence company that was acquired by Pega in 2016. Francis is an active industry speaker and guest columnist, providing expertise in how to leverage automation to drive human capital optimization and enterprise transformation in the customer-facing areas of enterprise.

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