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Ernst & Young LLP (EY)

Technology is the engine that fuels progress, drives change and shapes business. Today’s modern enterprises understand that innovation is foundational to success. These enterprises value the strength of collaboration, when leading companies combine to deliver solutions which culminate into meaningful business results. Together EY and Pegasystems are helping customers realize unprecedented outcomes through a robust combination of strategic innovation, business acumen and operational agility.

EY leverages Pega’s technology to enable digital transformation by bringing a business-led approach to intelligent process automation, helping companies reap the benefits of digital transformation such as rapid time to value, increased customer engagement and improved ROI.

EY is the recipient of two 2021 Pega Partner Awards for Industry Excellence in Government and Healthcare & Life Sciences. Along with a thorough understanding of enterprise business operations across all sectors and functions, hundreds of Pega-trained and certified EY resources bring keen insight into analytics, digital transformation and IoT. Since 2017, the EY Pegasystems practice has tripled in size, largely due to its dedication to client success and commitment to a business-first approach.

Expertise and Insights

EY is helping clients achieve digital transformation through its deep industry and Pega experience.

The EY and Pega Alliance

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Pfizer: Making Breakthroughs That Change Patients’ Lives

Join us as we hear how Pfizer is undergoing a bold digital transformation to bring medicines to the world more quickly and make operations faster and easier.

PegaWorld 2019: Why workforce intelligence should guide your business

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Start, scale, and succeed at RPA: Have your cake and eat it too

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EY/Pega Discuss How KYC Regulations are Driving Onboarding Transformation

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Why uniting collections with compassion creates better outcomes

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EY: Reimagining Clinical Development through Intelligent Automation

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The future of CLM is global, digital, and customer-centric

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The role of digital disruption in health care

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Integrating KYC into the Digital Age and Enterprise-wide Transformation Strategy

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Services & Solutions

Financial Crime Management

As both the banking and insurance sectors see a growing number of financial crimes and are challenged to maintain the people and systems to effectively monitor such transactions, EY offers our FinCrime managed service. Transaction alert investigations are critical business functions of risk and compliance, execution with exceptional quality is crucial to meet the business and regulatory requirements that the process requires. EY has a proven and robust approach to governance, quality and training to support and enhance our delivery of these services. Ranked by Risk Award as the #1 Consulting firm for anti-money laundering service for 3 of the past 5 years.


Know Your Customer / Client Lifecycle Management (KYC/CLM)

Effective CLM is recognized in the market as the key enabler to drive regulatory compliance, achieve client and employee satisfaction, improve business growth and revenue creation, and create a consistent view of the client across business lines and jurisdictions. The solution, built on the Pega platform, drives seamless KYC orchestration and improved risk outcomes for all stakeholders. The EY solution leverages CRM and digital channels, generates digital policy, handles complex workflows and provides greater transparency into onboarding.

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NextGen Remediation

NextGen Remediation is a managed services platform designed to remediate customer complaints and issues in a streamlined way. Typical challenges seen in remediation include: low levels of automation, a high level of quality control processes which considerably increase costs; and manual effort required for efficient processes. Our solution reduces effort and cost across the lifecycle.


Compassionate Collections

The EY Collections solution transforms the collections process. It starts with an AI data-driven early warning system to identify potential delinquency and segments customers currently in default. EY collections models are then loaded into the Pega Customer Decision Hub (CDH) to find the right targets and offers. EY Voice finds the customer situation and supplies it to CDH and/or the case, so offers are personalized to each situation. It then leverages the Pega Collections platform to provide transparency and compliance. Finally, the EY Financial Health Coach navigates the customer through a gamified interface to better financial health and the route to cure. The result is better collection rates at a reduced cost while building a stronger customer relationship – Compassionate Collections.

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Digital Financial Health Coach

EY’s NextWave outlook on Banking in 2025 gives clear direction that consumers will be looking more closely at their financial health. In addition, consumers will be looking to subscribe to personalized, value-based offerings from traditional and non-traditional financial services institutions. EY’s Digital Financial Health Coach solution leverages the Customer Decision Hub for next best actions, the omni-channel platform to provide a gamified user experience, and case management to assign tasks to the customer. All this drives them to financial health and financial product fitment. The Digital Financial Health Coach will increase positive customer interactions, help customers achieve their goals, build trust with the financial institution, and ultimately build stronger relationships.


EY Voice

EY Voice is an AI-based solution for transcribing recorded agent calls or inbound messages into text, extracting insights and driving actions. The solution leverages custom models that have been developed by EY Analytics and applied to a variety of areas, including class reason classification, sales practice reviews, customer complaint routing, marketing message violations, fraud authentication and more.


EY wavespace™

EY wavespace, either in-person or virtual, designs immersive programs that bring together the right people, giving them the mindset and the collaborative tools to think differently. Human-centered design and collaboration are at the heart of the methodologies because EY believes that people support what they help create. EY works with agility and beyond borders to think, design and build with creativity and speed.

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Appeals and Grievances

All US healthcare insurance organizations are required to have processes in place to accept and process complaints (known as appeals and grievances) from their members and providers. These cases are regulated by federal agencies and require timely response within specific service level agreements. Failure to comply with these regulations could result in costly penalties. To maintain compliance, EY helps companies evaluate the scope of AI capabilities needed to effectively address appeals and grievances and combines those findings with Pega’s case management and Customer Decision Hub solutions. The results deliver unprecedented control and transparency while increasing customer satisfaction and reducing operating costs.


Customer Decision Hub (CDH) Optimization

Pega’s Customer Decision Hub (CDH) optimizes customer lifetime value by providing an “always-on brain” for your business -- consolidating disparate data and analytics and funneling them into a single, connected platform. It enables the ability to predict customer needs and seamlessly deliver tailored interactions for truly personalized experiences. When CDH is combined with EY’s deep industry knowledge, marketing and business transformation expertise and change management capabilities, businesses can adopt a more agile and intelligent marketing approach, increasing customer loyalty and retention to maximize revenue growth.


Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Effective business planning requires that all facets of an organization have access to one source of truth: one vision, one plan, and one set of numbers from which to plan. Integrated Business Planning (IBP) from EY-Pega helps companies overcome complex challenges through a comprehensive approach rooted in EY’s extensive process improvement experience and Pega’s intelligent automation platform. IBP involves every aspect of a business from marketing, to finance, to procurement, logistics and more. Ultimately, the better business decisions enabled by EY-Pega IBP can help organizations improve revenues as they get more product to their customers, decrease production and supply chain costs, and better manage their suppliers.



2021 Partner Awards for industry excellence in government for streamlining an agency's inventory process and in healthcare and life sciences for implementing a new project registration and tracking system at a global pharmaceutical client.

2020 Partner Award for intelligent automation transformation for a leading pharmaceutical company.

2019 Partner Award for leadership and expertise in developing and delivering Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions for clients within complex regularly environments.

2018 Partner Award for excellence in advisory leadership and implementation for Pega Sales and Onboarding™, driving next generation efficiency and productivity for leading financial services organizations.

Customer Success


Navy Federal Credit Union

Pega Discover: One-to-one Customer Engagement Online Summit: Eliminate guesswork. Make better business decisions by finding the next best action.

Case Study

US Army: Real Property Inspection Transformation

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